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Adrian of Ideal Cocktail Co. behind a blue-lit bar with cocktails and a watermelon mocktail in front of him.

Watermelon & Hibiscus Mocktail

This watermelon mocktail mixes the natural sweetness of watermelon with herbal hibiscus and a touch of citrus. Add rum to spike the cocktail.

mac n cheese recipe showing mac n cheese in a bowl with spices and herbs on top

Nzingas’ Mac n’ Cheese

Buttery, spicy, creamy, and quick, is there anything better? This mac n' cheese recipe is a stage-stealer and a great go-to side or main.

Finished Bachsh herbed rice held out in a small bowl

Bachsh Herbed Rice

Yotam Dolev of Hamsa in Houston makes bachsh herbed rice, a traditional Bukharian dish, with a deeply flavored Baharat Spice Mix.

A complete, whole Strawberry pretzel pie with strawberries and whipped cream

Strawberry Pretzel Pie

Caitlyn Cox makes a strawberry pretzel pie with a fresh strawberry puree, cream cheese mousse, and salty pretzel pie crust to cut the sweetness.

A completed Gulf Beach Pie with yellow filling, crumble crust and whipped cream

Gulf Beach Pie

Caitlyn Cox's Gulf beach pie riffs on of Bill Smith’s iconic Atlantic beach pie. Her version has passion fruit, guava puree, and Coco Lopez.

Crumble Pie Crust dough being stirred in a bowl

Crumble Pie Crust

Caitlyn Cox shares her crumble pie crust. This recipe can be made with either crackers or pretzels to add that extra salty crunch.

A completed Tennessee Tomato Pie with melted cheese and big round tomato slices

Tennessee Tomato Pie

Tomato pie is a seasonal staple in Tennessee. Caitlyn Cox makes hers with dukkah spice, cheese, and pistachios for a touch of nuttiness.

A finished Corn Custard Pie with corn and chives on top resting in the sunlight

Corn Custard Pie

Caitlyn Cox likens this corn pie recipe to a quiche, with an egg-based custard, caramelized shallots, and shredded gruyère.

Traditional Pie Dough being poured out of a bowl with a spatula

Traditional Pie Dough

A staple for baking, this pie dough is straightforward and yields enough dough for two pies: Bake one and freeze the other for next time!

Air Cooled Jalapeno Vodka Cocktail

Air Cooled

Featuring Scoville spirits, this jalapeño vodka cocktail brings the heat with refreshing lime juice, crisp mint, and a hint of simple syrup.