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News and Events / 5.4.12 / by Lauren Mitterer

A Morning with Lauren Mitterer

STICKING IT OUT ON STICKY BUN SUNDAY Lauren Mitterer’s Sunday begins dark and early at 2:30 a.m. She unlocks the door of her Charleston bakery, WildFlour Pastry, and starts by dusting the first layer of King Arthur flour on her wood-top baking table. As she reaches for her rolling pin, she can hear in the […]

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Culture / 4.30.12

May and June:
The Best Bottles and Bubbly of the Season

The Local Palate’s team of wine experts has been busy tasting and rating wines in order to provide you with tried and tested options and thus instill you with purchasing confidence (and drinking pleasure). The wines solicited for each tasting are those deemed the most typical, favored, or appropriate for the season. They are then […]

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From the Magazine / 4.27.12 / by Anthony Lamas

Cinco Celebrations

NUEVO LATINO IN LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY Growing up on a farm in California, I was surrounded by two wonderful things: fresh food, and family. Everything literally grew on the trees and vines: tomatoes, citrus, olives, chiles, and avocados (which we call Latino butter). I have great memories of big gatherings of extended family and cousins where […]

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Dining / 4.27.12


A version of what we now know as bruschetta perhaps originated in Central/Southern Italy as early as the 15th century. At the time, stale bread was charred and rubbed with garlic and olive oil to make what was known as a poor man’s meal. Today, we gladly toast up day old ciabatta, rub it with […]

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Culture / 4.27.12

High Stakes in Georgia

It’s a slippery industry, but the folks at Georgia Olive Farms are working hard to bring homegrown olive oil to the East Coast. Who knew? The Deep South used to harbor fields of shimmering olive trees. The Spanish missions brought them over in the 1600s. The Colonials tended them. Thomas Jefferson passed out seedlings to […]

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Beverages / 4.27.12

How Sweet Tea is…

We weren’t silly enough to dump all of our tea in the harbor. Oh no, we knew what to do with it—brew it strong, cool it down, and once ice was available, serve it iced, and lead the country into an iced tea obsession. We sweetened it, transformed it into liquid summer through the addition […]

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