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Explore the South and beyond
Beverages / 4.27.12

How Sweet Tea is…

We weren’t silly enough to dump all of our tea in the harbor. Oh no, we knew what to do with it—brew it strong, cool it down, and once ice was available, serve it iced, and lead the country into an iced tea obsession. We sweetened it, transformed it into liquid summer through the addition […]

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Beverages / 3.30.12

A Bitter-Sweet ‘Tail

Asking a cocktail writer to identify her favorite bar for sipping a Sazerac is akin to asking a food journalist to pick the one way she most enjoys her steak. The answer certainly depends on her mood in the moment. Classic rib-eye? Tartar with avocado foam? Swanky hotel lobby bar? Dimly lit dive? Any of […]

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Culture / 3.30.12

Blessing of the Fleet:
Preserving Our Culinary Shrimp Culture

“Pick the shrimps (after they are boiled) from the shells; beat them well in a mortar, and put as much melted butter to them as will make them of the proper consistence to be pressed compactly together; add pepper, salt, mace, and nutmeg to the taste; put the mixture into small pans, and pour melted […]

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Uncategorized / 2.7.12

Personal Memory, Kitchen Catastrophes

I don’t think you’ve truly gotten accustomed to cooking until you’ve had a disaster or two. Or perhaps that’s just what I tell myself for reassurance. As a person who has trouble walking on a daily basis without coming face-to-face with the pavement, it’s a miracle that I have even survived cooking in a kitchen, […]

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Recipes / 2.2.12

How to Make Caramel with Sweeteeth Chocolatier, Johnny Battles

          ABOUT SWEETEETH / Sweeteeth creates artisan chocolates using traditional, handcrafted techniques. Our operation in South Carolina is devoted to the small-batch production of finely crafted chocolate bars and bon-bons, with an emphasis on high-quality chocolate couverture and innovative flavor pairings.        

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Culture / 2.2.12 / by Craig Deihl

Goin’ Whole Hog
How to Make Pork Rillettes

Chef Craig Diehl’s journey began in 2007 when his kitchen crew asked him to source a whole pig. He easily found an animal. Cutting it up was not too difficult, but determining how to maximize its utility presented quite a challenge. Once the loins and chops of a whole hog are relegated to the frying […]

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