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Culture / 3.12.15 / by Ronni Lundy

The Chili Bun Versus the Slaw Dog

The first thing to understand is that neither the chili bun nor the slaw dog (a.k.a a West Virginia hot dog) are quite the same thing as what the rest of the world calls a chili dog. Some reasons why are plainly visible. A chili bun is just that: Chili. On a bun. It has […]

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Dining / 3.11.15 / by TLP Editors’ Desk

New Zealand Meets Georgia

It goes without saying that New Zealand is a long way from Greensboro, Georgia, especially since New Zealand is really a long way from most things, excepting Australia. But Chef Andrew Litherland, a New Zealand native (only recently named the executive chef of the The Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation) is already starting to feel at […]

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Dining / 3.2.15 / by Elizabeth Shestak

Dashi Does Ramen Right in Durham

On perhaps the coldest night Durham, North Carolina, has had in years, there was no meal more fitting than a bowl of steaming noodles in broth. That it came in the form of Japanese ramen—specifically tonkotsu, the famed Sun Noodle noodles swimming in a pool of pork dashi with a healthy portion of pork belly perched atop, […]

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News and Events / 10.8.14 / by Hayley Phillips

The Artisan Hand Behind Charleston’s Hot Spots

If you’ve spent a weekend dining out in Charleston, South Carolina, then chances are you’ve come into contact with some of Aaron Lucas’ work. Have you made it up to Leon’s Oyster Shop yet for those cute little soft serve ice cream cones? Pulled up a stool at E.V.O or Two Boroughs Larder or Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer? What about charcuterie […]

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Beverages / 10.6.14 / by Stephanie Burt

Honey, Don’t Cha Love Cloves?

Our recent VIP SIP Experience at Euphoria featured moonshine cocktails from Dark Corner Distillery, and mixologist Whitney Vadeboncoeur really impressed me with some cocktails that were balanced enough to drink before noon. Seriously. We were drinking moonshine at 11 a.m. But I digress … One of her secret ingredients was this infused syrup. We’ll share […]

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Dining / 9.29.14 / by TLP Editors’ Desk

Best Bites: Music City Food + Wine Festival Edition

If you cannot find phenomenal food in Nashville, then your methods and means are in need of serious reexamination. Music City is busting at the seams with fabulous fare and we recommend you make your way there ASAP to partake (Adele’s, City House, Rolf & Daughters, Husk, Prince’s Hot Chicken…). More conveniently, simply head to […]

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