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South Central

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Culture / 12.5.15

Hanukkah in New Orleans

Alon Shaya’s holiday table represents his past and present.

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News and Events / 11.11.15

America Needs One Million New Farmers, Veterans Want the Job

Half of the farmers in this nation are at retirement age. They need to pass on their farming knowledge to a new generation of land stewards. The cavalry coming over the hill is just that — it’s the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and National Guard.

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Dining / 10.26.15 / by Rene Louapre

The Oyster is my World

Consider the chef who sells raw oysters. By and large, a chef wants to taste dishes, check the consistency of sauces, and tweak each plate of food that leaves the pass. A chef wants to be in control. A chef wants to put his or her stamp on products. A chef wants, to borrow a […]

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News and Events / 10.21.15 / by TLP Editors’ Desk

Bringing Alpaca
to the Table 

Kentucky rancher introduces consumers to a new food and a new way to think about farming Curious alpacas peered at their equally curious visitors, and the smell of salt from alpaca hides and fresh meat lingered in the air in Richmond, Kentucky, at River Hill Ranch’s farm-to-table dinner last weekend. “Farming has become [my family’s] […]

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Culture / 10.21.15 / by Jennifer V. Cole

Raising the Standard

Chef Scott Crawford and Business Partner John Holmes return the corner grocery to Raleigh, North Carolina where customers learn the details behind every product you buy, whether in the restaurant or the market: who produced it, how, and where.

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Travel / 10.15.15

A Roadtrip through
Fayetteville, West Virginia

The Local Palate traveled to West Virginia to explore the unique culinary scene and cultural eats of this Southern mountain state.

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