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Explore the South and beyond
Culture / 11.18.19

Consider the Sweet Potato

The long and winding journey of the South’s favorite tuber A warning, in case you ever decide to observe a sweet potato harvest: There are more than a few ways you might get killed. This occurred to me one September morning as I jumped out of the way of a speeding forklift. The driver, his […]

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From the Magazine / 11.15.19

John Fleer on the South’s Essential Food Books

We asked the Asheville chef to contemplate the shelves and shelves of food books he’s acquired over his career and share with us the ten titles he feels every Southerner should have at home.

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Culture / 11.14.19

Pinched: The State of Maryland’s Crab Industry

Maryland is for crabs. But getting the state crustacean from Bay to table is hard. And it’s only getting harder. Follow the voyage of a boatload of jimmies and sooks with the people whose livelihoods depend on them Hoopersville, Maryland, is dark at 4:30 in the morning. Not just any dark. An all-consuming, sight-robbing blackness […]

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Partnered Post / 11.14.19

Celebrate Winston-Salem’s History of Craftsmanship

Known for its history in tobacco and textiles, Winston-Salem has served as a home to makers and artisans since its founding in 1753. Light up your holiday season with nostalgia, Moravian cooking, and candlelit tours on a getaway to Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Cobblestone sidewalks give way to eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Moravian traditions at the Old […]

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Beverages / 11.13.19

Baptist Spike: The Cheeky History of a Boozy Infusion

File the South’s relationship with alcohol under “It’s Complicated.” It’s the birthplace of both bourbon and moonshine, and New Orleans is credited with inventing some dozen classic cocktails. But it can also be a place where booze is banned altogether, where even today, dry counties prohibit the sale of alcohol within their borders and Southern […]

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From the Magazine / 11.13.19

The Return of a
Country Ham Legend

Growing Up Edwards The smell of hickory smoke hangs in the breeze around Surry, Virginia. This is ham country, where curing pork has been a way of life since before the first European settlers claimed the land as their own. Arriving at the confluence of the Chickahominy and James rivers in 1630, descendants of Henry […]

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