Five Vacation Experiences in One in the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys and Key West are the perfect place for travelers to recharge their batteries and rejuvenate their spirit. But a getaway to the Florida Keys is more than the ultimate escape from reality. The Keys are about history and art, theater and museums, shopping, fine dining, and entertainment. And, of course, world-class fishing and diving. All told, the five districts offer the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation. From Key Largo to Key West and all points in-between, you’ll find the accommodations as delightful as the outdoor pursuits. 

It must be something in the water in the Florida Keys

The beauty and diversity of the waters surrounding The Florida Keys have made it one of the most sought-after fishing destinations in the world. In The Florida Keys, you can fish the same waters where Ernest Hemingway and Zane Grey battled behemoth blue marlin and other prized gamesters. But you don’t need to be a literary giant to enjoy big-game fishing in the Keys. Local offshore captains and backcountry guides will introduce you to angling as it was meant to be, including a trip to the magical Florida Everglades. For divers, the surrounding waters are home to the only living coral reef in the Continental United States, part of The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. 

Rich in culture and history 

Potter at work in the Florida Keys

Imagine a place where you can battle a sailfish in the morning and catch a live play at night. Where you can snorkel a marine sanctuary one moment, and dive into a gallery of original artwork the next. In the Keys, music just belongs, be it Buffett or Bach. Theater is at home there, too, with comedies, dramas, and musicals. Art lovers are dazzled by the talents of our resident artists, whose style and techniques capture the essence of island life. The music venues are as colorful, from pub performances to a vibrant symphony. Whether it’s a play, a concert, or the perfect painting for the foyer, The Florida Keys never disappoint. History buffs love the area, as well. This colorful past is openly displayed along the scenic Overseas Highway–the gateway to historical monuments, landmarks, museums, and even fortresses.  

If you like farm-to-table, you’ll love ocean-to-plate 

Couple dining on porch in the Florida Keys

With the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Gulf of Mexico on the other, the Florida Keys and Key West are like a farmer’s market for seafood: fresh from the source. In the Keys, the catch of the day might have been caught within the hour, and often can be spotted being taken right off the boat. And we’re not just talking about succulent Key West pink shrimp by the trawler load. On these islands, every moment is made to order. From funky roadside fish stands and quaint bistros to seafood markets and our winter seafood festival, the Florida Keys has a culinary bounty for every taste. Then again, if the idea of a dock-to-table seafood doesn’t reel you in, our succulent key lime pie surely will. 

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