From apple cobbler to za'atar-roasted carrots, our comprehensive recipe collection pulled from chefs, restaurants, and our own test kitchen has you covered.

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Smothered Catfish

Chef Lawrence’s Louisiana inspired recipe for smothered catfish brings together a creamy, crawfish-laced tomato sauce layered with meaty, Cajun catfish.

Drizzling gravy over smoked turkey wings

Smoked Turkey Wings and White Bean Dressing

Chef Lawrence Weeks shares his recipe for smoked turkey wings with gravy, inspired by the hearty meals his grandmother made and rooted in Cajun-creol flavors.

Bowl of crab rice dressing

Crab Rice Dressing

Chef Weeks' crab rice dressing is an update on his mother's version with bacon, crab meat rice, creamy crab roe butter, and a kick of heat.

mango cranberry crisp on a plate and served from a skillet

Gluten-Free Mango Cranberry Crisp

This cranberry crisp bursts with fresh mango pieces and tart pops of cranberries underneath an almost savory seedy, buttery crumble.

Coffee Cardamom Custard in 4 ounce ramekins

Coffee Cardamom Custard

This coffee cardamom custard balances normally sweet custard by infusing it with coffee beans and espresso powder.

ginger panna cotta recipe

Ginger Panna Cotta with White Wine Poached Pears

Claudia Martinez's ginger panna cotta recipe is for those who aren't too into sweets but still crave a treat after a meal!

apple spice loaf featured

Apple Spice Loaf Cake with Spiced Cream Cheese Frosting

Pastry chef Claudia Martinez's apple spice loaf cake is packed with fall flavors to complement late fall and early winter gatherings.

arequipe coffee cake featured

Arequipe Coffee Cake

This easy-to-make coffee cake using arequipe, a traditional icing in Venezuela, is a delicious addition to the holiday recipe book.

brazo gitano featured

Brazo Gitano with Ponche Crema Sauce

Pastry Chef Claudia Martinez has her own take on Brazo gitano, inspired by her Venezuelan heritage and the holidays with her family.

Whole Roasted Turkey

Roasted Turkey from The Humane Table

Rubbed with citrus zest, fresh herbs, and spices, this roasted turkey is a festive—and humanely raised—addition to the Thanksgiving table.