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Steamed clams prepared by Jeremy Sewall

Saison-Steamed Clams | Video

See how Boston's Row 34 puts a twist on steamed littleneck clams for the perfect, crowd appetizer.

Key Ingredient

With Love, Linda | Video

This garden party cocktail uses fresh, local ingredients and fizzy Mountain Valley Spring Water that can compliment any summer gatherings.

Sean Umstead's mojito riff: Fig Leaf Mojito
The Riff

Sean Umstead’s Fig Leaf Mojito | Video

With locally harvested ingredients, Sean Umstead from Kingfisher uses fig leaves to add a tropical flair to the traditional mojito.

David Szlam crafts Ginger Highball
The Riff

Ginger Highball | Video

Virgil Kaine founder, David Szlam, shows a simple recipe for a ginger highball using his craft ginger bourbon.

Paola Velez of Bakers Against Racism

Sticky Buns and Activism with Paola Velez | Video

Paola Velez shares her connection to her plantain sticky buns and how its a tasty twist on a classic that pays homage to her heritage.

Seafood Cioppino made by Dean Neff of Seabird in Wilmington

Seabird’s Eastern Seafood Cioppino | Video

When it comes to the cioppino at Seabird, chef-owner Dean Neff admits to packing it into a quart container to sip on the drive home from work

Soft shell crab with lemon dill aioli
Key Ingredient

Soft Shell Crabs with Lemon-Dill Aïoli | Video

When the fleeting soft shell season returns each spring, these battered beauties are best sellers at Florence's Lowcountry Kitchen.

Shamil Valezquez's Ceviche with Chicharrons de harina

Ceviche Campechano | Video

Chef Shamil Valezquez breaks down how to make the ultra-fresh yellowtail snapper ceviche he serves at Minero Mexican Grill & Cantina.

The Free Spirit cocktail with Mountain Valley Spring Water
Key Ingredient

Free Spirit | Video

This refreshing summer sipper leans on fresh fruit juices & Mountain Valley Spring Water for a nonalcoholic drink with antioxidant properties.

Italiano Al Caribe with Mountain Valley Spring Water
Key Ingredient

Italiano Al Caribe

We challenged expert mixologist Megan Deschaine to create an Italian-inspired sip for Spoleto using premium Mountain Valley Spring Water.