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Digital Editor

The Local Palate seeks an experienced digital editor to join our culinary-loving team. The ideal candidate will have at least 5 years of experience in digital media, a strong journalism background, exceptional research and writing skills, and be tech savvy and proficient with SEO practices. The candidate must be highly organized, deadline driven, inquisitive about the latest developments in digital media, and a collaborative team player.

The digital editor is responsible for overseeing all editorial, marketing, and advertising content on thelocalpalate.com and coordinates and implements editorial and web marketing content with the e-commerce engagement manager on localpalatemarketplace.com.


  • Manage the Local Palate website, including creating and updating articles and partnered posts, recipes, drinks, events, city guides, restaurant pages, and videos
  • Coordinate and collaborate with the editorial, marketing, and advertising teams on the oversight and execution of a monthly content calendar, including daily posts, recipes, videos, creation of dedicated landing pages
  • Monitor and update/share reports on site analytics and digital trends in order to shape content across all platforms
  • Seek, forecast, and help oversee new initiatives and developments for improving audience engagement with development and marketing teams
  • Optimize all content published on thelocalpalate.com using SEO best practices; continually checking partnered content and previously published content for accuracy and optimization 
  • Fielding pitched stories, recipes, and events from publicists and industry members
  • Perform regular site maintenance, including repackaging old articles, addressing bugs, monitoring the site health
  • Coordinate editorial efforts with the e-commerce engagement manager for localpalatemarketplace.com
  • Create, implement, and optimize editorial content for localpalatemarketplace.com 
  • Keep a deadline-driven mindset
  • Represent the Local Palate at industry events and outings


  • Experience reporting and writing original digital content
  • Strong editing skills, especially for digital platforms
  • Skilled at crafting engaging, web friendly headlines
  • Must have a work knowledge of digital marketing best practices
  • Ability to leverage multimedia, including video, to enhance stories and the user experience
  • Adept with WordPress or other content management systems and photo editing systems
  • Familiar with YouTube and video best practices
  • Experience using SEMrush, Google Trends, and Google Analytics to monitor user trends and behavior
  • Experience implementing SEO best practices to elevate content and engage users and using analytical tools to gauge performance
  • Familiarity with cooking or recipes is highly preferred
  • Openness to collaborate in a team environment 
  • Highly organized and comfortable managing priorities in a deadline-driven setting

To apply, submit your cover letter and resume to Erin Murray at erin@thelocalpalate.com