Welcome to the Mini Golf Capital of the World

It’s mini-golf time on the Grand Strand 

Miniature golfing in Myrtle Beach isn’t just a playful pastime; it’s practically been a rite of passage for families for generations!  You can find over 30 creative mini-golf courses that appeal to all ages – from old-school classics to the state-of-the-art PopStroke that opened just this year. Grab your club and make your way through these six notable mini-golf courses on the Grand Strand. 

Mt Atlanticus Mini Golf in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

A Myrtle Beach Tradition 
Over-the-top and always a blast, Mt. Atlanticus Minotaur Golf is forever synonymous with mini golf in Myrtle Beach. For over 25 years, this five-story, 19-hole course has delighted families with whimsical features across its two courses: The Minotaur and The Conch. It was the final course designed by James “Poddy” Bryan, who Sports Illustrated magazine dubbed the “Father of Modern Miniature Golf” and who created more than 20 courses in Myrtle Beach alone. Intricate paths and winding steps lead to a string of islands and caves. Learn the lore of this mythical place that broke away from Atlantis and washed onto the coast of Myrtle Beach in 1998, settling in the old Chapin Company department store. 

Tee Off in the Tropics 
At the center of Hawaiian Rumble Minigolf is a 40-foot volcano spewing fire every 20 minutes. Play an 18-hole round in this tropical-inspired garden that tops many lists of favorite mini-golf courses around the world.   

Red Dragon Mini Golf in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Asian-Inspired Adventures 
Red Dragon Cove is one of the more recent builds in Myrtle Beach. Follow in the footsteps of a pirate queen on a journey through Asia as you play in bamboo forests, caverns, waterfalls and a red-sailed pirate ship floating in a lagoon. 

Swing Back in Time 
Face off against a T. Rex at Jurassic Golf, where the prehistoric terrain has been preserved for millions of years (so they say!). Kids will roar with excitement as they encounter animatronic beasts while playing through the Ice Age and Predator courses, surrounded by lush landscapes and tumbling waterfalls. 

Ripley's Crazy Golf Mirror Maze in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

An Indoor Playground 
Believe it or not, Ripley’s Crazy Golf gets you out of the sun and into a truly wild experience. Eighteen holes are lit up in glowing neon as you tackle 360-degree loops and take selfies with each amazing shot. Test out your game-time skills with holes that include pinball and even a zip line! 

Putt and Dine 
The world-famous PopStroke has made its way to the Grand Strand. Located at Broadway at the Beach, this all-ages venue has a sports bar on the roof and a family restaurant with an ice cream parlor (don’t miss the custom-crafted milkshakes). Food and drinks can be delivered right to the links as you play through. Two 18-hole courses were designed in partnership with Tiger Woods and TGR Designs to feel like a traditional golf course – fully loaded with challenging fairways and bunkers in an oasis-like setting. As a bonus, you get to bring home your own TaylorMade golf ball. 

These favorite finds barely scratch the surface of where you can play in Myrtle Beach. Check out an almost-complete list by theme, whether you’re in the mood to play with pirates, strike gold in a lost mine or travel to distant lands with your putter in hand.  

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