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Calamondin Liqueur


50 whole ripe calamondins*

1 quart (32 ounces) unflavored vodka

4 cups sugar

Note: Introduced to Florida in the early 1900s, Calamondins are a hybrid between the mandarin orange and the kumquat. The fruit is smaller than a golf ball and the thin peel is sweeter than than the tart juice.


  1. Pinch skin of each calamondin just enough to pop it slightly.
  2. Place whole calamondins in a gallon glass jar with a tight-fitting lid. Add vodka and sugar. Replace lid tightly on jar and shake until sugar beings to dissolve. Shake contents of jar once a day for at least 2 weeks by turning jar upside down, then right side up, repeatedly for about 1 minute. (After a few days, the sugar will dissolve into the vodka.)
  3. After 2 weeks, strain and discard fruit. Strain liquid through coffee filters, then transfer into a tall-necked glass bottle with a tight-fitting lid. Store in refrigerator. Serve in chilled cordial or brandy glasses.