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Chocolate Bombolo

Chef Eleanor Lacy of Bombolo shares this decadent chocolate dessert recipe inspired by Julia Child's Chocolate Royale.

Pecan pie

Grandma Alma’s White Chocolate Pecan Pie

This White chocolate pecan pie recipe is Cat Cora's favorite, combining the creaminess of white chocolate with the rich flavor of pecans.

raspberry tart jwb

Raspberry Tartlet

This Raspberry Tartlet recipe is perfect for the upcoming spring season. While it may take a while to prepare, it's definitely well worth it.

dirty chai trifle

Dirty Chai Trifle

This Dirty Chai Trifle recipe is the perfect final addition to your afternoon tea. It's sweetness perfectly compliments your savory snacks.

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Partridge in a Pear Tree

Worship Chaleka of Proof in Charleston shares his holiday favorites, including the whimsical Partridge in a Pear Tree.

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Two Turtle Loves

David Guas’s caramel turtle cookies combine the flavors of sweet caramel, buttery shortbread, and pecans, creating a true harmony of flavors.

orange chocolate chip cookie recipe

Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies

These vibrant, sweet orange chocolate cookies are a must-add to your holiday cookie-baking list. It is everything winter in one bite!

Lady kisses are Italian hazelnut sandwich cookies with a sweet nutty outside and a creamy cocoa inside.

Baci di Dama (Lady Kisses) 

Lady kisses are Italian hazelnut sandwich cookies with a sweet nutty outside and a creamy cocoa inside. Bake them for your next gathering!

chocolate gingerbread cookies: an image of a stack of 3 round gingerbread cookies topped with coarse sugar and a red and white striped bow around them

Chewy Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies

Prepare for your upcoming holiday cookie swap with these sweet, warm, and chewy chocolate gingerbread cookies.

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Bad News Brownies

Keya Wingfield's recipe, Bad News Brownies, are the perfect amount of goeey, chocolatey and rich, and will leave you wanting more.