Crafting Excellence at Carrboro Coffee Roasters 

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Reinventing from Crop to Cup

Carrboro Coffee Roasters is a small batch coffee roaster dedicated to creating connections through quality coffee from farm–to cup. Scott Conary, president of Carrboro Coffee Roasters started the business out of his profound love of coffee and his eagerness to deliver the best product possible, but in a way that centered the producer and created a truly sustainable system.

Carrboro Coffee Roasters

“It all started with a love of coffee and wanting to know as much about it as possible, and eventually have as much control over every step as was reasonably possible,” said Conary. 

This passion transformed into a mission to reinvent the coffee industry from the cup all the way back to the farm level. The vision was straightforward, to bridge the gap and create connections between farmers and consumers, reshaping how coffee is sourced as well as empowering farmers. Farmer direct relationships, as this model is called, focus on long term supportive partnerships with farms and producers dedicated to quality and sustainability to guarantee not only the best quality, but also an equitable livelihood for the producers.  

The coffee roasting process is a science and an art; every coffee is different and requires a unique roast to complement its “personality” as Conary says. It’s a rigorous and repetitive process, requiring many trials and tastings to ensure each roast is the best for that particular coffee, but it’s worth it. Each coffee has a special flavor profile and a multitude of factors contribute to the taste, from the roast to the terroir it was grown in, so there’s a coffee flavor profile for any moment.

Conary himself admits it’s hard to pick just one favorite.  

Scott Conary Carrboro Coffee Roasters

“I may be more interested in our coffee from Juan Francisco Pira, from Lake Atitlan in Guatemala and his farm La Providencia, in the morning with its milk chocolate, cashew, and citrus notes.” As for the afternoon, he says, “I may enjoy a more fruit-forward experience, like the tropical fruit and berry sweetness found in the natural processed Pacamara varietal we get from our partner Edith Meza in Peru.” 

Coffee is a catalyst for community and connection to Conary and Carrboro Coffee Roasters. In the local community, Conary pioneered a bike repair station for the community beside his café. His cafés have served as a backdrop for events and milestones of community members such as first dates, weddings, meetings, baby showers, and even divorce paper signings.  

Conary hits a major milestone himself as Carrboro Coffee Roasters turns 20.

“The decades of success we have had are in large part due to the communities that believed in us and appreciated what we were trying to accomplish and share with them,” Conary said.

Caffe Driade
Image courtesy of Caffe Driade

Conary is also the proud owner of Caffé Driade, a cozy a cozy woodland café that’s celebrating its 29th year serving the best cappuccinos in Chapel Hill, and the Open Eye Café, a beloved Carrboro staple for over 25 years. In the spring of 2021, Conary re-bloomed Perennial Café, in downtown Chapel Hill on West Franklin Street known for its elevated espresso drink creations and house-made syrups & ingredients from the herb garden out back. Flagship cafés for Carrboro Coffee Roasters embody the success that reflects a profound commitment to delivering an exceptional coffee experience to the community. 
Products from Carrboro Coffee Roasters can be found in nearly 100 establishments across North Carolina and beyond. A full list of retailers and restaurants that carry Carrboro Coffee Roasters can be found at

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