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Hattiesburg is Safely Open for You

By: The Local Palate

Ready? Set. Go to Hattiesburg, MS, where the fun, affordable options are endless. Known as the Hub City because of its short drive from much of the Gulf South, Hattiesburg has made a pledge to help visitors easily identify business and attractions that are open and safe to visit.

VisitHATTIESBURG is now offering virtual tours of many attractions and facilities to help you plan ahead. HBURG also has two new trails that allow visitors to experience the true character of the city. The Hattiesburg Public Art Trail and Hatties[BURGER] Trail are perfect socially distanced activities, giving you the opportunity to explore the Hub City at your own pace!

Hop on the new Public Art Trail to be inspired by Hattiesburg’s growing arts scene, where over 40 permanent sculptures and murals are now nestled throughout town. You’ll find that creativity is overflowing in HBURG with artwork featuring the designs of local and nationally recognized artists, including Kelsey Montague’s #WhatLiftsYou five-story mural, part of the worldwide collection. Other interactive artwork and larger-than-life sculptures will add vibrancy to your stay.

With more than 200 local restaurants, HBURG is tastefully open and ready to satisfy your cravings with mouthwatering meals. Local bites can’t be missed on the new Hatties[BURGER] Trail, highlighting more than 30 local restaurants throughout the city. A play on the official nickname for locals, the Hatties[BURGER] Trail invites you to scour the list of stops and pick your must-haves from classics or gourmet options and even some that redefine what qualifies as a hamburger. Unite with foodies from across the country and take a bite out of this recently launched trail when you hit the road for HBURG.

Veer off the trails to see what’s brewing as you sip a craft beer or handcrafted cocktail at one of HBURG’s refreshingly open pubs. The outdoor recreation is amazingly open, too, so grab your gear for year-round adventure at Hattiesburg’s actively open attractions.

In addition to details on the new trails, full art and culinary inspired itineraries can be found at VisitHBURG.org. So, pack your bags. The hard part of vacation has been taken care of – the planning! Want to explore more? Check out the website or download the “Visit HBURG” app in the Google and Apple stores. It’s time to #VisitMS Responsibly.

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