The People Serving Up Certified SC Ingredients

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A glimpse into the beauty of farm-to-table dining featuring South Carolina produce

Welcome to South Carolina, where the food on your table comes from the farmers down the street or across the state.

Jeremy Holst with Farmer exchanging South Carolina produce

There’s nothing quite like it. The long growing season brings ripe and flavorful produce to tables across the state. Jeremy Holst, owner and head chef at Bexley Fish and Raw Bar, says his menu changes by the day depending on what his local farmers and suppliers bring him. 

Holst uses seasonal produce to redefine the expectations of raw bar dining. Creative combinations of local fruits, veggies and fresh fish bring the heart and soul of South Carolina farmers to life. This spontaneity relies on the diligence of life-long growers committed to their craft. It’s one that requires steadfast patience and more than a little tender loving care. 

Farmers often stop by with dirt still flaking from their hands and tomatoes still glowing warm from the summer sun. This is fresh, Certified South Carolina produce, and it doesn’t get any better. In fact, it’s Holst’s favorite part about his job: taking humble ingredients and elevating them to something special. 

Learn more about chef Holst and Bexley Fish and Raw Bar here.

Adam Cooke Dish made with South Carolina produce

Adam Cooke, another South Carolina chef committed to bringing the best produce to his patrons, understands the meaning behind an authentic farm-to-table dining experience. Cooke uses produce from his own farm to supply Topsoil Kitchen and Market, a restaurant with the mission to connect people with the farmers that grow their food. For Cooke, being a chef is more than cooking the most expensive dish on the menu; it’s about playing a part in the process from pasture to plate. 

Topsoil also understands the importance of consciously lifting its community up. Cooke makes sure to regularly feature other small farmers from South Carolina’s Upstate on a rotating monthly menu and in Topsoil’s plant-based supper club. By cultivating these relationships, Cooke has helped ensure that the spirit of Topsoil –and farm-to-table dining – withstands the test of time and delivers the freshest, tastiest local ingredients to your plate.

Learn More about chef Cooke and Topsoil Kitchen and Market here.

Sunlit kitchen with a woman in a bright yellow shirt. She is slicing watermelon.

What’s In Season: Fresh Flavors

What’s in Season? A bounty of vegetables and fruit can be found around South Carolina. Visit local markets and encourage stocking local.

Market treats of strawberries, blueberries and peaches in buckets

Exploring Roadside Markets: Summer Treats Off the Beaten Path

Scoops of farm-fresh ice cream make perfect market treats. SC farmers are known for their produce and it’s even better served in a cone.

Fried fish sandwich with a small salad from a Certified SC Restaurant menu

Where to Enjoy Fresh and Local Certified SC Ingredients

Soak up the sun this spring while enjoying fresh and locally sourced South Carolina ingredients at Certified SC restaurants.

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