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Eat Fresh, Support Local: Discover the Taste of South Carolina

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What’s in Season? As the sun-soaked days of summer arrive in South Carolina, so does more fresh, locally-grown produce. Nothing beats the irresistible taste of produce grown and harvested right here. It’s truly farm-to-table.

For the South Carolina Department of Agriculture, that means farm to any table. Whether it’s a backyard picnic, a football tailgate, a kitchen table, or whatever table’s handy, you can enjoy fresh, local foods just about any time. So, look for the Certified SC logo when you shop, and you’ll be purchasing goods that are fresher, tastier, and healthier.

Summer is Bursting with Flavor

Summer and local produce are the perfect pair. From sweet, refreshing watermelons to tasty zucchini, South Carolina farmers grow a wide variety of summer produce. And, with nearly 25,000 farms that cover nearly 5 million acres, you don’t have to look far to find fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables for your next summer snack or meal.

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Whether you’re in the Upstate, the Midlands, or the Lowcountry, there are plenty of places and ways to support local growers and find what’s in season. You’ll find Certified SC products in grocery stores and at farmers markets, roadside stands, and even locally-owned shops and restaurants. And if you don’t see the Certified SC logo, encourage your local grocer to stock Certified SC products so they are readily available.

Supporting Local Farmers

Knowing the roots of your food is important. When you buy Certified SC products, you’re supporting local farmers, nourishing the local economy, and helping maintain our state’s strong agricultural heritage. So, this summer, take advantage of everything South Carolina’s farms and farmers have to offer and look for Certified SC wherever you shop to find what’s in season and eat fresh.

It’s a matter of taste.

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