There’s Nothing Bland About Savannah

Copious history, grace, beauty, culture, cuisine, attractions, spirits, and mystique—Savannah is a horse of many colors. Year after year, visitors have come to know the city on a first-name basis but still find it so intriguing that they return every year and are usually not alone. What makes this city so unique, you ask? Well, let’s just say the food is to die for at the restaurants in Savannah.

The Grey Restaurant, one of the most famous restaurants in Savannah

For some, comfort is found at home, in a good book, or with family and friends. For the rest of us, it’s brewed hot and strong in a bottomless cup. The Coffee Fox is an award-winning craft coffee shop on bustling Broughton Street, within walking distance of Savannah’s most prominent attractions and native retail. This java shop’s passion for caffeine is evident in its locally roasted beans, Mexican-inspired signature drinks, and light menu items. There’s nothing sly about this foxy spot.

A 1938 Greyhound bus terminal probably wouldn’t be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an upscale restaurant, right? At least not until you’ve had an enlightened dining adventure crafted with local produce, seafood and meats layered with rich flavors. The Grey is not just about the food—it’s an experience. James Beard award-winning chef Mashama Bailey has become a household name in Savannah for her seasonal dishes such as duck confit and scallop crudo. 

Liquid diets are pretty trendy in Savannah. They’re quite “spirited” and delicious. Whether you prefer to sip on the roof, by the river, underground, or in a traditional setting, your experience is sure to be memorable, and the menu options are fantastic. 

Artillery Bar exterior, one of the restaurants in Savannah

Shh! Speak easy, they say, when you refer to this 19th-century-inspired bar. Artillery is an experience that demands sophistication. Silence your phones, wear proper attire, and get lost in conversation—use your inside voices, please. Patrons can find conveniently placed call buttons behind tables for first-class service—no need to flag down the waitress. Polished palates will appreciate their culturally prepared libations menus.

Atop the Alida Hotel, you’ll “find” The Lost Square. See what we did there? This stunning but casual rooftop bar offers incredible river views; it’s conveniently located in the heart of downtown on River Street and serves tasty tapas and innovative cocktails. Whatever location you choose, there’s no need to worry if you don’t finish your drink. They expect you to take it to go. That’s the rule.

Is anyone else feeling hungry or thirsty? Discover more about Savannah’s diversified dining and what makes this city irresistible.

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