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Cook it Raw First Ever Public Event Comes to Charleston

Photo by Peter Frank Edwards

Chef Sean Brock is a busy man – executive chef of three of the South’s most celebrated kitchens. Heirloom seed collector. Heritage breed champion. Special event participant.

So when we saw that Cook It Raw’s first ever public event, Cook It Raw BBQ Perspectives, was coming to Charleston, and that it was touted as “Sean Brock and Friends,” we asked, Why do this?

“This is one of the most important projects of the year in this country,” he replies. “Cook It Raw brings together chefs to explore a very specific culture, and each chef is chosen for the fact that they can bring something unique to the table.”

The culture chefs are exploring for this sold-out event is the Carolina rice kitchen. How a single crop culture, the raising of that crop and the conditions it needs can shape a cuisine and form a pantry. It is about teaching the history of Lowcountry cuisine, but Brock stresses that there is a major focus on the future.

“Cook it Raw is about teaching, learning, sharing, and discovering new techniques on a whim. You push yourself and go to a new level. And the idea is that the public can now see this process first hand.”

Founded by Alessandro Porcelli and launched in 2009, Cook It Raw is an annual gathering that brings together internationally recognized, avant-garde chefs, traditional food producers and academics to explore innovation and collaboration within cuisine. By sparking new personal and creative connections, Cook It Raw not only helps by highlight traditional foodways, but it also influences the ideas and techniques of some of the most innovative chefs.

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