See How Marion County, West Virginia Rolls 

The Pepperoni Roll Capital of the World  

In the heart of Marion County, deep within the coal mines of the 1920s, a West Virginia legend was born — the pepperoni roll. Claimed as the birthplace of this famous snack, Marion County is where Italian coal miners first dreamed up this ingenious way to combine their convenient lunch of bread and pepperoni. Today, these handheld masterpieces are a beloved local treasure. 

Colasessanos Pepperoni Roll in Marion County, West Virginia.

Join The Great Debate  

While some fiercely defend the use of pepperoni sticks, others swear by slices. But one thing unites everyone: the perfect blend of melty cheese and a generous portion of pepperoni within a soft bread roll. Marion County is home to a thriving bakery scene, where each spot puts its own unique spin on this iconic roll. Explore the area and discover your own personal favorite with the help of the handy Marion County Pepperoni Roll Guide

Italy In Appalachia 

The Italian influence goes beyond pepperoni rolls in Marion County. The region is a crossroads of Italian cuisine and culture. From piping hot pizzas and hearty pasta dishes to traditional cured meats, savor a taste of Italy in Appalachia in West Virginia. 

Valley Falls Kayaking at Valley Falls State Park in Marion County, West Virginia.

Adventure Beyond The Bites 

Marion County isn’t just about satisfying your taste buds. Between delicious bites, explore the county’s breathtaking scenery and rich history. Hike, bike or kayak at Valley Falls State Park – the perfect adventure to complement your culinary journey. Step back in time at Pricketts Fort State Park, an 18th-century refuge fort. Or, embark on a self-guided tour along the Marion County Civil War Trail and uncover captivating pieces of American history. 

Request Your Guide 

Discover all that Marion County has to offer! Request a complimentary bundle containing four free guides — Pepperoni Roll Guide, Outdoor Recreation Guide, Marion County History Guide and Battle For Statehood Guide. 

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See How Marion County, West Virginia Rolls 

Discover Marion County, West Virginia, the birthplace of the pepperoni roll, and explore it’s Italian cuisine and scenic adventures.

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