Discover the Unique Flavors of South Carolina Cuisine

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South Carolina cuisine is as diverse as it is flavorful. Here, centuries-old recipes exist alongside hot culinary trends whipped up by forward-thinking chefs. Follow the back roads and discover off-the-beaten-path barbecue joints. Explore the rolling hills of the Midlands, where family-owned farms sell artisanal cheeses and freshly baked pastries in country stores. Revel in maritime traditions along the coast, where you’ll dine on fresh seafood and oyster roasts during the fall.

Chef Haydn Shaak and someone else at a farm in South Carolina

The Palmetto State’s culinary scene is famous for its quality ingredients, originality, and thriving farm-to-table movement. South Carolina’s Chef Ambassadors have championed this movement through their seasonally inspired menus and devotion to local communities and farms.

South Carolina Chefs Serving the Best

Each year, chefs from across South Carolina are nominated to serve as the state’s culinary ambassadors. These chefs embody the best of South Carolina cuisine. They’ve made their mark with signature dishes that define the cuisine of the Palmetto State. Whether you’re enjoying fresh oysters at The Atlantic Room on Kiawah Island, the flavorful beet salad at Restaurant 17 in Travelers Rest or decadent croissant bread pudding at Roy’s Grille in Lexington, each Chef Ambassador restaurant offers a unique culinary experience.

Chris Williams highlighting South Carolina cuisine by holding a bread like dessert covered in a brown glaze and vanilla ice cream.

Discover the exemplary talent and bounty of fresh, local ingredients from across South Carolina. Visitors always come back for seconds after culinary road trips along the Ultimate South Carolina Foodie Trail. With more than thirty Chef Ambassador restaurants across the state, there’s always a delicious new dish to try and something to satisfy every palate.

Try your hand at cooking classic Southern dishes at home with help from South Carolina’s 2020 to 2021 and 2022 Chef Ambassadors. Whether you’re looking to cook a Lowcountry staple or simply want to learn the art of oyster shucking, you’ll find a variety of tips and easy to follow recipes that will have you cooking like a true South Carolinian.

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