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The Local Palate Marketplace Gift Guide

By: The Local Palate

We love sharing stories about Southern foodways, innovative recipes, the people shaping them. These flavors and the folks making them become tangible through our Local Palate Marketplace, a shop that carries an abundance ranging from everyday ingredients and gourmet foods to kitchen accessories. Its products send the South’s foods and stories to the doorsteps of foodies, homecooks, grill-meisters, and mixologists around the country. Personally speaking, food ranks pretty high on our list of gift ideas any time of the year, and we source inspiration from this arsenal of independent gourmands and artisans. From cocktail mixers to barbecue sauce and indulgent sweets to premium cutting boards, these are the gifts we’re wrapping and stuffing into stockings.


Sweet’s Elderberry Shrub

Sweet’s Elderberry

Support a healthy immune system with this organic infusion of elderberry and apple cider vinegar. Use it to pack a flavorful and healthy punch into smoothies, seltzer water, or cocktails. Not to mention, we love the gorgeous deep purple color it adds to drinks.


Caramelized Fig Syrup

Liber & Co.

This syrup is made in Austin, and its characteristics make it a natural fit to pair with barrel-aged spirits like whiskey and rum. Enjoy it during the holidays in a caramelized fig manhattan.


Kentucky 74


This non-alcoholic spirit has caramel notes and a smooth finish, making it an appropriate replacement for bourbon in your next cocktail or an alternative to cut down calories if used as a mixer.


Craft Cocktail Salt

J.Q. Dickinson

For the ideal salt-rimmed glass to finish off your next margarita, look no further than this fine, West Virginia-made cocktail salt.



Hot & Spicy Kentuckyaki

Bourbon Barrel Foods

All natural and sweetened with Kentucky-grown sorghum syrup, this sauce is meant for meaty marinades. However, vegetarians and vegans can a taste of Kentucky bourbon using it with tofu or tempeh.


Premium White Truffle Oil

Essential Spice

Essential Spice’s Premium White Truffle Oil is made with the finest olive oil and infused with white truffles for umami-packed flavor. Use this as an elevated finish to dishes, such as pastas, pizzas, salads, or even french fries.


8-inch Echo Chef Knife

Middleton Made Knives

Made by Quintin Middleton and his apprentices, this knife is crafted from dyed birch veneers and AEB-L stainless steel for a sleek profile. From carving meaty roasts to simple meal prep, this knife makes fast work of the kitchen tasks.


The Row 34 Cookbook

This new release co-written by TLP editor-in-chief, Erin Byers Murray, is packed with oyster knowledge, seafood savvy, and recipes to enjoy all year long.


Holiday Rub Set Essentials


For the griller of the cook with a well-stocked spice cabinet, Spiceology’s selection of holiday rubs will get through the season flavorfully.


Mosaic End Grain Cutting Board

The Boardsmith

Individually made for each order, this mosaic combines hundreds of pieces of maple, walnut, and cherry to form a one-of-a-kind cutting board, made by Texas craftsman, John Loftis.

Starts at $350

Grill Kilt

This 360-degree apron is designed with the modern griller in mind. The inspired hybrid of a tool belt, backpack, and a towel, this apron is outfitted with ten, various-sized pockets customized for all grilling accessories, from long tongs to a cold beer.


Ogre Sauce Original 2-Pack

Ogre Sauce

From Charlotte, North Carolina, Ogre sauce pays homage to the state’s vinegar-sauce legacy with a tangy, gently spiced condiment. This “all” sauce works on everything, from barbecued meats to pizza to pineapple.


Battery Barbecue Gift Box

Food for the Southern Soul

Rich barbecue sauce, peach hot sauce, and rib rub team up into a saucy trio that hits all the right notes and preps your meat perfectly for the over or grill.


Bourbon Honey Marinade

Gourmet Warehouse

Made on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, this sweet and spicy, honey-based marinade is speck-led with red pepper flakes for a balanced bite each time.


Hibiscus & Honeycomb Simple Syrup

Perfectly Cordial

Whether you choose to pair it with booze or mix it with seltzer, subtle and sweet flavors come together in this mixer meant for vodka, rum, tea, or even in marinades.


Herbert’s Wine Jelly


These jellies modeled after wines and cocktails come in red wine trios and white wine trios for a oenophile-approved gift.


Bertie County Boiled Peanuts

Bertie County Peanuts

These chewy, classically Southern peanuts are salty like the coastal county they come from, situated along the Chowan River in North Carolina.


Pocketful of Starlight Vanilla Sugar

Beautiful Briny Sea

Made with the finest Madagascar vanilla beans and cane sugar, this blend is perfect to sprinkle anywhere, from finishing off baked goods to cups of coffee.


Pickled Pink Variety Pack

Pickled Pink Foods

Get your mid-winter pickle fix with a variety of crisp peaches, beets, jalapeños, and pickles preserved to remind you of warmer days.


Spicy Korean Mustard

Burnt and Spicy

This Charleston-made, versatile condiment will nix mayo and mustard from your usual lineup. Try it on anything from sandwiches to eggs.


Wallowing Whistlepig Collard Green-Jalapeño Hot Sauce

Wallowing Whistlepig

A medium hot sauce with a name and flavor profile that can’t get any more Southern. Try it over greens, beans, or in chili. $10


Rocky Road Pecan Brownie

Colts Chocolate

Have a crowd-pleasing dessert at the ready with this batch of brownies coated in chocolate ganache and topped with roasted pecans and marshmallows.


Mark & Jerry’s Most Excellent Steak Sauce

Homegrown Hospitality Group

The name is no lie, this tangy and sweet sauce is formulated for flavor.


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