Your Next Meal Awaits in Jackson County

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From Sylva to Dillsboro and Cashiers to Sapphire, Jackson County, North Carolina’s culinary scene is a must-eat destination for foodies of all sorts. Enjoying the restaurants and scenery is just one of the things to do in Jackson county. These mountain towns, known for their welcoming charm and long lists of family-friendly activities, are also home to award-winning chefs and culinary stars who know the way to a foodie’s heart—and stomach. 

Photograph of a charcuterie board, enjoying food is one of the things to do in Jackson County

From stick-to-your-ribs barbecue to farm-to-table produce and meats to decadent handmade chocolates, Jackson County will satisfy all your cravings. Whether you woke up ready for cold brew coffee and stacks of fluffy buttermilk pancakes or you’ve worked up a monster appetite after a sunrise hike to Whitewater Falls, Jackson County has you covered. 

Image of a stack of pancakes, one of the things to do in Jackson County

Our North Carolina chefs incorporate ingredients and cooking techniques from around the world, creating epic dishes exploding with flavor. Take your pick from countless unique local restaurants serving dishes you can’t get anywhere else. 

Visit Jackson County for a culinary experience that’s familiar yet fresh, comforting yet exciting, and most importantly, satisfying. Treat yourself (no special occasion necessary) to one of the numerous restaurants with picturesque outdoor seating and take in breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. With vibes like that, the food isn’t the only reason you’ll come back for more.

dessert enjoyed at High Hampton in Jackson County

Visit to learn more about our thriving culinary scene. 

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