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Building an Appetite in Tupelo, Mississippi

By: The Local Palate

You know the saying “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day?” Well, in Tupelo, Mississippi, the same philosophy applies to every single meal. Have a chat with any local, and you’ll pick up on how proud they are of the innovative chefs around town who are putting a spin on classic Southern fare. 

But where to start? Not to worry, here are the top only-in-Tupelo dishes you have to try during your next visit. 

Blueberry Donuts at Connie’s Fried Chicken 

It’s a Tupelo classic, but not because of the fried chicken (though that’s great too.) No, you want to order up a half a dozen (naw, who are we kidding – go the full dozen) of these legendary donuts. Made fresh on-site, these are melt-in-your-mouth kind of good.  

While we’re talking about donuts, we’ve gotta tell you about its second iteration: the blueberry donut bread pudding. It’s a collaboration between the folks at iconic music venue Blue Canoe and Connie’s – named the best dessert in the state three times by Mississippi Magazine. High praise indeed.

Smash Burger at Neon Pig 

Part market, part butcher shop, part restaurant, one thing is for sure: the fare at Neon Pig is equal parts delicious. So head on in and order up this smoky delight: the patty is a house grind of bacon, filet, ribeye, and sirloin topped with pickles, pickled onions, sweet BBQ sauce, hoisin and cheese. Oh, and not to sound like a broken record, but this one is also award-winning. It was voted the best burger in America by Thrillist.com in 2015.

Honey Mead at Queen’s Reward Meadery 

Okay, this is not quite a dish as it is an amazing cocktail, but we still think it deserves a place on this list. As Mississippi’s first (and only) meadery, you can pick up some locally-made mead, made from 100% Mississippi honey. Enjoy a tasting of their entire range for only $12 and choose a favorite to take home. For the record, our personal fave is the Honey Riesling Mead. 

Fried Chicken Sandwich at King Chicken Fillin’ Station 

When it comes to fried chicken, you can’t pass up King Chicken Fillin’ Station. Nor should you. Housed in a gas station, this Tupelo staple has received accolades from Food Network and Mississippi Magazine. Enough said. 

This is just a sample of Tupelo’s 160+ restaurants. Head to their website for a complete list of dining options, and remember to tag your favorite food moments with #TupeloFoodie. 

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