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A Kombucha for Every Hike this Fall

By: The Local Palate

With peak foliage season in our midst, we’re jumping at any opportunity to escape outside and do a little leaf peeping. And a beverage to sip along the way makes any outdoor excursion, from a mountain hike to a neighborhood stroll, better. You need a drink that travels well, light enough to keep you going, and, heaven forbid, not packaged in glass.

On this matter, we defer to Sam and Luke Walker of Walker Brothers Kombucha. The Boston natives relocated to Nashville, where they launched their craft kombucha brand. Their new home near the Smoky Mountains enables their passion for hiking, trail running, climbing, and camping in the mountain trails between Tennessee and North Carolina. Similarly, their brand caters to outdoor adventurers. The Walker Brothers Kombucha ranges from nonalcoholic to five-percent ABV, and each can offers a low-calorie drink brewed with organic ingredients for a refreshing addition to wherever the trail leads.

The Walker brothers compiled a guide for pairing hiking trails in Tennessee and North Carolina with their favorite kombuchas. They take flavor profiles and match them to features on each trail, ensuring you’ll never hike thirsty again.


Each hike is linked to its corresponding All Trails profile:

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