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Lawrence Weeks, the chef of North of Bourbon

By Exploring His Family Tree, Lawrence Weeks Goes Back to His Roots

Lawrence Weeks, Louisville chef at North of Bourbon, discusses the exploration of his family tree where inspiration hangs on every branch.

BJ Dennis poses next to a fallen tree in the lowcountry.

BJ Dennis: The Gullah Griot

Chef BJ Dennis honors his West African and Gullah ancestors by dismantling narratives and sharing traditions by way of food.

Paola Velez of Bakers Against Racism

Sticky Buns and Activism with Paola Velez | Video

Paola Velez shares her connection to her plantain sticky buns and how its a tasty twist on a classic that pays homage to her heritage.

Mussels over collards, prepared by Duane Nutter

Duane Nutter, the Cross-Country Culinarian

Chef Duane Nutter explore his nomadic past through dishes like mussels and collards, black-eyed peas, and royal red shrimp with bourbon.

Serigne Mbaye of Dakar Nola discusses his roots

Serigne Mbaye Talks Senegalese Thieboudienne

In his thieboudienne, chef Serigne Mbaye combines an appreciation for food with his family's roots at his New Orleans pop-up Dakar Nola.

Fathers Day Shoot Food 6 1

Chef Dan Jackson Returns to His Roots for Father’s Day

Chapel Hill native Dan Jackson, the executive chef at Osteria Georgi, celebrates Father's Day with a few thoughts on fatherhood and a special menu.


Turnip Corn Balls

Turnip cornballs from Watermelon & Red Birds, a cookbook for Juneteenth and Black Celebrations, by Nicole A. Taylor. Serve them with corn crema.


Zucchini Corn Dogs

Zucchini corn dogs from Watermelon & Red Birds, a cookbook for Juneteenth and Black Celebrations, by Nicole Taylor, make a deceptively healthy, indulgent snack.

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Roots THumbanil

Tracing the Black Diaspora at Benne on Eagle

Chef Cleophus Hethington of Benne on Eagle is turning food into tools that elevate Black culinary traditions while educating guests about the African diaspora.