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pani puri from Mister Mao

Mister Mao’s Pani Puri

Sophina Uong shares her take on pani puri from her restaurant Mister Mao in New Orleans, hers incorporates fire water and strawberries.


Easy Old-Fashioned Popcorn Balls

Crystal Wilkinson's shares these easy-to-make, old-fashioned popcorn balls in her cookbook, Praisesong for the Kitchen Ghosts.

dirty chai trifle

Dirty Chai Trifle

This Dirty Chai Trifle recipe is the perfect final addition to your afternoon tea. It's sweetness perfectly compliments your savory snacks.

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Two Turtle Loves

David Guas’s caramel turtle cookies combine the flavors of sweet caramel, buttery shortbread, and pecans, creating a true harmony of flavors.

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Malted Vanilla Mint Sugar Cookies

Delicious and versatile, these mint sugar cookies from Nashville chef Rebecca Turshen are a staple crowd favorite during the holiday season!

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Gianna’s Fried Rosette Cookies

Packed with a piece of edible holiday nostalgia, these intricate fried rosette cookies will wow your friends and family this holiday season!

pecan honeycomb

Pecan Whiskey Honeycomb

This pecan honeycomb combines rich, nutty pecans, natural sweetness, and a dash of smooth whisky creating an ideal flavor palate!

popcorn and pecan brittle

Popcorn and Peanut Brittle

This popcorn and pecan brittle blends sweetness and crunch in every bite with its creamy, rich caramel, toasted peanuts, and airy popcorn!

Holy Pozole mezcal cocktails in tall glasses with radishes and cilantro on top

Holy Pozole Mezcal Cocktail

These mezcal cocktails feature white hominy syrup, corn liquor, Mexican crema, and blue agave syrup. Top with radishes and cilantro.

Whole roasted lamb on a board, garnished with thyme and sage

Whole Roasted Lamb

Try not to feel intimidated by cooking with fire. With practice, it will grow on you. Use your senses as guidance for this whole roasted lamb.