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A complete, whole Strawberry pretzel pie with strawberries and whipped cream

Strawberry Pretzel Pie

Caitlyn Cox makes a strawberry pretzel pie with a fresh strawberry puree, cream cheese mousse, and salty pretzel pie crust to cut the sweetness.

A completed Gulf Beach Pie with yellow filling, crumble crust and whipped cream

Gulf Beach Pie

Caitlyn Cox's Gulf beach pie riffs on of Bill Smith’s iconic Atlantic beach pie. Her version has passion fruit, guava puree, and Coco Lopez.

Summer Lover Vodka Gimlet

Summer Lover Vodka Gimlet

The Summer Lover is a vodka gimlet featuring earthy vanilla chai syrup, coconut extract, and lime for a tropical, spice-forward cocktail.

Hubs crunchy peanut asian salad

Hubs Crunchy Asian Salad with Peanut Dressing

Straight from Virginia's peanut country, Hubs peanuts add a flavorful and crunchy profile to this veggie-packed salad.

Pina Colada with Makers Mark for a Kentucky Colada

Kentucky Colada

This mix is based on the piña colada but adds demerara syrup, vanilla extract, & nutmeg to create a flavor profile better suited to bourbon

Blackberry Skillets

Blackberry Skillet Cobbler Recipe

This blackberry skillet cobbler recipe is an easy way to enjoy in-season produce anywhere, as all ingredients are assembled in one skillet.

Untitled design

Trail Mix

The Local Palate's trail mix recipe incorporates a perfect ratio of salty, crunchy, and sweet to get the best flavor in this camping tradition.

Smoked watermelon recipe

Smoked Watermelon

Known for cool succulence, heirloom varieties of watermelons take on heat and new flavor at HERD Provisions in Charleston.

The Riff

Private Island Punch

This punch recipe pairs rum perfectly with tropical flavors of pineapple and coconut with uniqueness of cinnamon and bitters.


Sweet and Spicy Coquito

Coquito, which translates to “little coconut,” has all the elements you’d expect from eggnog—warming spices, rich creaminess—but uses sweetened condensed milk and coconut cream along with spiced rum.