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Kelaguen Uhang (Citrus-Marinated Shrimp with Coconut)

From the island of Guam, Diaz writes: Kelaguen is as much a technique as it is a dish. It combines proteins—particularly seafood and beef, but also venison and chicken—with lime, onions, and chiles. As a process, to kelaguen is to lightly pickle proteins in a spicy, citrusy [...]

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Shrimp Roll

This Shrimp Roll recipe offers shrimp nestled in a buttery bun, adorned with a zesty garlic mayonnaise for a taste of the seaside.

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Kelaguen Uhang

This Kelaguen Uhang recipe uses fresh shrimp and can be served with steamed rice alongside a green salad or on a tostada for a quick snack.


Crispy Cajun Jambalaya

Dominick Lee is breaking with tradition and this Crispy Cajun Jambalaya is just one of the many dishes he impresses with.

pickled seafood

Pickled Seafood

Chef and owner of Seabird Dean Neff brings us this bright and flavorful way to preserve and enjoy your shellfish for the fall season.

Lemongrass shrimp skewers served with sauce and rice in a blue plate

Lemongrass Shrimp Skewers

Jorian Blair shares this recipe for flavorful, fragrant lemongrass shrimp skewers from Dukunoo Jamaican Kitchen in Miami's Wynwood neighborhood.

Ricky Moore makes the seasoning for his Pickled Shrimp recipe in a bowl

Spiced 7 Up Pickled Shrimp Recipe

Ricky Moore shares his spiced 7 Up pickled shrimp recipe with bay leaves, garlic, and Texas Pete, packing tangy flavor into each bite.