Milk Thistle Spritz Karl Dorneman Cocktails from Supper Southern Morsels and Gosport Tavern
Photo by Kieran Wagner

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1 cocktail

  • 1½ ounces Lock Stock & Barrel rye
  • 2 ounces Dolin blanc
  • ½ teaspoon milk thistle powder
  • 3 ounces limeade
  • 3–4 dashes orange bitters
  • Splash soda

Stir rye and Dolin blanc with milk thistle powder in shaker until powder is dissolved. Add ice, limeade, and bitters. Shake and pour over ice in Collins glass and top with soda.

  • From Karl Dornemann of Supper Southern Morsels and Gosport Tavern, Portsmouth, VA

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