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Smoked Oysters with Jalapeño Lemon Butter


For the jalapeño lemon butter:

½ pound butter, diced and softened to room temperature

3-4 jalapeños, grilled, seeded, and chopped

1 shallot, minced

Zest and juice of 4 lemons

2 teaspoons sea salt

¼ cup parsley

For the smoked oysters:

1 dozen oysters, shucked with as much liquid as possible remaining in the shells and kept very cold

Wood chips


Make the jalapeño lemon butter:

In a medium bowl or bowl of a food processor, combine butter, jalapeño, shallot, lemon zest and juice, sea salt, and parsley. Stir together with a fork or pulse in food processor. Set aside at room temperature.

Make the smoked oysters:

  1. Light a smoker and bring internal temperature to 300 degrees. Have some wood chips ready.
  2. Place shucked oysters on a sheet tray or a grill-proof pan that has been covered in crumpled aluminum foil. (The foil will allow you to keep the oysters upright so the liquid doesn’t spill out.)
  3. Top each oyster with a heaping teaspoon of the jalapeño lemon butter. (This recipe makes more than you'll use on the oysters.)
  4. Place the oysters in the smoker, throw in a large handful of wood chips, and shut the chimney. The oysters need to cook for about 5 minutes; keeping the fresh smoke in the cooker will ensure a robust smoke flavor. The butter should be completely melted and mixed with the oyster liquor. Serve immediately with toasted bread.
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