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Actor interpreters in Colonial Williamsburg

For history lovers, there are few destinations in America as transporting as the city of Williamsburg. The colonial city center presents a living history museum and a true turn back in time. Actor-interpreters roam Duke of Gloucester (DoG) Street in full colonial garb, recalling America’s nascent Anglo-European history along with an emphasis on the lives and contributions of the city’s early Black population. Work out with the Virginia Capital Trail—51.7 paved miles open to cyclists, pedestrians, and adventurers, spanning from Williamsburg to Richmond. And then there’s the food: From biscuits to breweries, the city’s dining scene is worthy of a trip all its own. For a breakfast that sets the stage for a history-steeped day, the Old Chickahominy House is the clear choice. It’s known instead for a flat, square biscuit that’s fluffy but not so showy about it (and best enjoyed with the classic salty Virginia ham). The patio at La Tienda, a paella and tapas bar, is the perfect place to kick back and enjoy small dishes sure to satisfy. Whether you’re walking, eating, or watching, this city has more than enough to entertain.

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Snapshot: Williamsburg, Virginia

While the connection to history may be your first point of entry in Williamsburg, the city's dining scene, from biscuits to breweries, is worthy of a trip.

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