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Preserved Lemon Ice cream in a glass
At the Table

Ice Cream Recipes To Scoop This Summer

From sweet tea to banana curry, we hope to get your mind and ice cream maker spinning with these eight imaginative ice cream recipes.

Creamy Fish Chowder with Roasted Poblano

Creamy Fish Chowder with Roasted Poblano

Flame-roasted poblano peppers and spicy green hatch chiles add a smoky heat to this creamy fish chowder featuring halibut, potatoes, and celery.

Creamed Spinach Recipe for Toast

Creamy Kale Toast

Creamy Kale Toast blends the heartiness of sautéed kale with the creaminess of a béchamel sauce making it ideal for a light lunch, afternoon snack, or even dinner with a glass of wine.

44 Extra Strength Root Beer Ice Cream1

Extra-Strength Root Beer Ice Cream

Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream is hailed for their creative take on ice cream flavors, and this root beer ice cream doesn't disappoint.


Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

Craving pumpkin pie in the off season or using up leftovers? Try incorporating your favorite autumnal pie into rich, pumpkin pie ice cream.

Recipe November 2012

Flan Ice Cream with Caramel Sauce

Straight out of Asheville, North Carolina, dress up vanilla ice-cream with winter citrus oranges and lemons, eggs, and hints of cinnamon in order to make Curate’s Flan Ice Cream with Caramel Sauce.


Sweet Tea Ice Cream

Sweet tea ice cream: combining these two southern traditions is nothing short of a delightful dessert and a quick one to mix up too.

dairy free and vegan ice cream pints
At the Table

We All Scream for Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Dairy-free and vegan ice cream from Southern makers offers alternative scoops for shameless summer indulgence.

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