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A Meal-by-Meal Guide to JXN, MS

By: The Local Palate

Some take trips to see the mountains. Others prefer a quiet museum or a walk along the beach. But a certain subset of savvy travelers prefers a wholly indulgent excursion based on one thing and one thing only—food.

For these intrepid wanderers, the stomach is a compass. The palate aims to a culinary magnetic north which is located, as it turns out, in the Deep South. Jackson’s modern-day restaurant renaissance invites all gourmands, connoisseurs, bloggers, vloggers, and even everyday folks who just love great meals.

Travel and eat safely in Mississippi while supporting these exceptional establishments offering both dine-in and take-out options.

The Dutch Baby at Elvie’s; Photo by Cody McCain


Ah, the foundation of the day! The so-called “most important meal.” Breakfast in Jackson offers truer treats and classier classics to satisfy breakfast doubters and devotees alike.

Urban Foxes is a locally owned small-batch bakery featuring daily flavors for pies, cookies, and scones alongside every kind of coffee imaginable (plus kombucha and even beer). In a similar vein, Campbell’s Craft Donuts is renowned for a wild variety of sweets but also serves beloved Austin-style tacos (i.e., breakfast chorizo and honey butter chicken). The signature queso and bacon tots won’t disappoint either!

For more filling fare, Elvie’s Restaurant is a pared-down, New Orleans-inspired brunch spot specializing in the savory with items ranging from duck fat hashbrowns and croque madame to brunch bread pudding and raw oysters. Eating at Elvie’s is a like taking a grand tour of Southern cuisine from a single seat.

Friday blue plate catfish; Photo courtesy of Hal & Mal’s


Lunch is a special meal, the workday dividing delight of 9-to-5ers everywhere. Even in the age of “work from home,” lunch maintains its special place in our hearts.

Hal’s and Mal’s is a favorite local hangout with Gulf Coast vibes reflected in signature po boy sandwiches, gumbo, and catfish options. Locally famous for its easy ambience, friendly regulars, and funky tunes, Hal’s and Mal’s feels as familiar as your own weekly lunch spot.

As a family-run diner, Sugar’s Place Downtown prides itself on satisfying diners to the utmost limit. Ask any Jacksonian and prepare for a dissertation about the truly cherished menu and staff. The Loaded Momma Burger comes with a hand-pressed patty and a Kool-Aid to drink while the catfish and shrimp po boys serve up perfect crunch on a pillow-soft bun. Daily specials include chopped steak and gravy among so much more!

For those in the market for something else, try Stamp’s Super Burgers, Crazy Cat Eat Up, Godfrey’s, and Aplós.

Redfish at Sophomore Spanish Club; Photo by Andrew Welch
Redfish at Sophomore Spanish Club; Photo by Andrew Welch


The last meal of the day is all about taking chances, reaching for something new in the hopes of discovering the unexpected and sensational.

The Tex-Mex at Sophomore Spanish Club will expand your mind as easily as your Spanish language vocabulary. Start with the charcoaled oysters before moving on to the Miss-Mex tamales, redfish wrapped in banana leaf, or any one of their delectable tacos a la carte (fried chicken, Baja catfish, duck poppers, seared tuna). Of course, staples of the cuisine such as enchiladas and cheese dip can be had with the same sizzling styling applied.

If you’re in the mood for BBQ, head to the neighborhood heroes at The Pig & Pint. This shack-style picnic-table-appointed downhome pork joint puts smiles on faces with its famous Fondren fries before the BBQ even begins. Throw in brisket nachos, smoked wings, pork/chicken/brisket sandwich, and some favorite Southern sides for the full experience.

Curious eaters may also enjoy Johnny T’sthe Iron Horse GrillDrago’s, and The Mayflower for that final meal of the day.

Click here to find the can’t-miss snacks and drinks spots.

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