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Culinary Destinations in Mobile, Alabama

By: Hannah Lee Leidy

The residents in Mobile, Alabama live to eat and eat to live. They have a hard time separating the two. Food is very much a part of who they are. You can’t have an authentic visit without being fully immersed in Mobile’s food culture.

The city’s position is right on the Gulf of Mexico with access to the freshest, tastiest seafood of any city, anywhere. But, it’s about more than the bounty of the waters here.

It’s also about the unique blend of cultures and flavors from all around the world sprinkled into every dish.

Fresh Gulf shrimp and oysters, southern fried chicken and collards, and slow-cooked, pit barbecue are foods that they’ve loved for years. Its foods will keep you coming back to Mobile time and time again. Here’s a look into a few of Mobile’s must-visit culinary destinations:

Dew Drop Inn, which is the oldest restaurant in the metro area dating all the way back to 1924, serves up the famous Dew Drop Dog and hamburger.

Another local standard is Wintzell’s Oyster House, a favorite that’s been around since 1938. Wintzell’s started as a six-stool oyster bar and is known for their delicious gumbo and an array of tasty oysters.

Just a few blocks away, Chef Erica Barrett’s original location of SOCU Southern Kitchen and Oyster Bar offers innovative cuisine featuring deviled eggs topped with fried lobster, spring rolls filled with oxtail and shredded Gouda and Parti Gras Pasta, studded with forkfuls of crawfish.

The Hummingbird Way is one of Mobile’s favorite neighborhood restaurants, located in the Historic Oakleigh District. Chef Smith utilizes local seafood catch and produce to deliver a fresh take on Southern cooking.

The newest addition to the culinary scene is West Food Bar. This upscale, speakeasy vibe restaurant offers a prix fixe menu with ever-changing dishes that will delight any craving.

Mobile is the city that was “Born to Celebrate.” You’ll have to visit to see why celebrating the culinary scene has become such a big deal! After all, there’s no great travel experience without delicious cuisine, and Mobile has been perfecting their culinary scene for well over 300 years!

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