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Get this Look: Food Festival Chic

By: Maggie Ward

Food festivals have officially returned and, for those of us who partake, the idiom “it’s a marathon, not a sprint” is uttered repeatedly throughout the season. While cliche, the platitude rings true whether you’re heading out for a local afternoon of tasting or jetting off to a five-day culinary extravaganza. The key to thriving—not just surviving—a food festival is planning. Prioritize your can’t-miss events, arrange transportation ahead of time, and then come locked and loaded with the necessities to maximize festival fun.


1 | Clear Bag

Most festivals require all bags be clear in order to deter any smugglers from sneaking in their own libations or taking one for the road. For an easy crossbody to keep your hands free and your essentials close, Hammitt’s Tony bag brings fashion to the utilitarian satchel with brushed gold hardware and a suede crossbody strap. If you’re packing for a full day of festival fare, this backpack by Baggallini provides a carryall solution in a range of colors. Backpack: $31.99,; Tony bag: $175,

2 | Power Bank

A must-pack device is an external battery for your phone. It’s easy to get lost in the crowds and separated from your crew. Don’t be caught with a dead phone when this happens. It’s a power made for good, not evil. Do: Post a few stories of clinking glasses. Don’t: Fire off any risky texts until you’ve recovered from the wine garden. $49.99,

3 | Vaccine Card Protector

In the reality that is 2022, most festivals require proof of vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test. Have your vaccine card at the ready by securing it in a Henny’s Boutique leather card holder clipped to your keys or bag. $7,

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Anker phone charger power bank
vaccine card holder


4 | Sun Hat

When the Southern sun is high in the sky, you’ll be glad you packed this wide brim sun hat by Artesano to provide protection from the blistering rays. The Miami-based company works with artisans in Ecuador to showcase the founders’ proud heritage of craftsmanship. Their hats are traditionally handwoven from native toquilla straw to ensure long wear. $288,

5 | Sunglasses

In the same respect, remember to pack a pair of sunnies to shield your eyes on long excursions. The Camden style from Diff Eyewear is a classic pair, spruced up with two-tone acetate details and unisex versatility. Every pair supports the eyewear company’s charitable mission to provide reading glasses to individuals in need around the world— to date, 1.4 million pairs have been donated. $115,

6 | Comfortable Shoes

When it comes to your footwear choice, fashion must meet function. Festival grounds can range from dusty fields to cobblestone sidewalks depending on the location, so comfortable shoes are a requirement. Charleston Shoe Company designed their shoes with the uneven terrain of the Holy City in mind. Try the sporty-chic linen Coronado design for a sandal that will keep you moving from one tasty event to the next. $135,

Handwoven straw sun hat keeps your face and neck safe while waiting in lines at food festivals.
Stylish sunglasses shield your eyes at food festivals
Charleston Shoe Co. Sandals: CORONADO COLORS flatlay


7 | Underberg

The German digestif is a favorite among bartenders for a hangover cure or to soothe the stomach after a good meal. The tiny, single-serve bottles of bitters are easily packable to knock back like a shot to aid the digestion of the smorgasbord of festival food and drink you are sure to consume. $1.99,

8 | Liquid I.V.

Stay ahead of the forthcoming hangover by keeping hydrated. One of the best tricks for circumventing that dried out feeling is Liquid I.V.’s hydration multi-plier. Just grab a bottle of water and add the single-serve drink mix for essential vitamins and three times the electrolytes. 16-pack: $24.47,

9 | Hangover Patch

No matter how long you outrun it, the inevitable hangover will likely hit. Make it a little easier on yourself by slapping on a rescue patch infused with DHM, green tea, and vitamin B1 from the Good Patch to help you bounce back. Four for $12,

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Liquid IV  maximum hydration for Food Festival scaries
Hangover Patch by Rescue Front, to ward off the inevitable Food Festival hangover

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