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By: The Local Palate

Before earning prestige as a Mississippi seafood chef, Milton Joachim has long been a consistent and dedicated fan of culinary arts. His father, who spent his career in the restaurant industry, instilled this dream in him as a child. After receiving a degree from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School in Orlando, Joachim worked with the likes of Wolfgang Puck, Emeril Lagasse, and Scott Boswell.

He absorbed years of experience in restaurants around the country. Then, Joachim opened Carrollton Market in New Orleans and Charred in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. He built his reputation for his new-school spin on local seafood. He recently took over the kitchen at 30-year-old local favorite Captain Al’s Steak and Seafood in Gulfport, steering it into its next era. 

With a passion for the outdoors, Joachim strives to provide the best, fresh seafood directly from the source. For the past decade, Joachim’s cooking demonstrates his values and passion. He provides not only excellent taste, but also achieves his dream.

At the Mississippi Chef Jam during the 2022 Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, Joachim debuted his take on a Thai curry-style American red snapper. The dish utilizes Thai influences to create an elevated flavor palate. This recipe showcases Joachim’s embrace of creativity in the kitchen and the innovative flavor combinations for traditional seafood plates.

Video by Damien Blaylock and Josh Clegg

Edits by Ed Foose

Sound design by Cole Furlow 

Production by: Maggie Ward and Tim Mask

Location: Epicurean Hotel Atlanta 

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