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A couple walks down a quiet strip in Orlando

Recall the last time you were in Orlando. Did you hardly leave the grounds of a theme park? If the answer is yes, it’s time to go back. As one of the South’s emerging food destinations, this Central Florida city has several surprises up its sleeve. From the bustling Mills 50 neighborhood that’s home to vibrant murals and a major Asian-American community to a string of restaurants racking up accolades as they answer the question “just what is the cuisine of modern Florida?”, you’ll want to set aside more than a day here. Take an eating tour of Mills 50, an expanding enclave of Asian restaurants, grocers, and shops that’s home to one of the largest Vietnamese-American communities in Florida. Drink your heart away at the dozens of craft beer and spirits stores or opt for a coffee from local roaster Lineage. You won’t be missing any costumed characters as you discover the burgeoning scene for Orlando restaurants


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