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Rodney in Exile BBQ Tour is Bringing Whole Hogs on the Road

Rodney at Scott'sWeb                        

Rodney Scott, the famed barbecue pitmaster from Hemingway, SC, is taking his show on the road. He’ll tour the South from January 20 to February 4, bringing whole hog barbecue to a wide swath of the region.

Why the tour? Two days before Thanksgiving, Rodney’s pit house went up in flames. Undaunted, Rodney quickly put temporary pits in place, stoked the burn barrels again, and flipped more splayed hogs onto the grates. Now, two weeks later, he is ready to plan the rebuild.

Before he trusses the roof and stacks the cinderblocks, Rodney will take a victory lap and visit fellow members of the Fatback Collective—a group of restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, and creative folk focused on a progressive Southern future.

Serving up whole hog sandwiches at $5 a pop while his Fatback colleagues offer embellishments and drinks, he’ll also be playing his famous playlists at the stops while he cooks, including everything from the theme to Smoky and the Bandit to hip-hop and classic James Brown.

Through the process, he’ll earn a portion of the funds required to build a new pit room and plan for the future. The Fatback Collective, now in its fourth year, boasts a proud track record of collaboration. On the Rodney in Exile BBQ Tour, Fatback will serve as host for Rodney.

“The Fatback Collective is a family of people that work together to inspire in a culinary sense,” he says.  “If it’s honest and food-based, we strive to move it forward when we can.”

Rebuilding a barbecue joint, one sandwich at a time.

Rodney in Exile BBQ Tour: Fatback Grand Trail

01.20  /  Atlanta, GA – Angie Mosier and Kevin Gillespie at Gunshot

01.23  /  Nashville, TN – Sean Brock and Patrick Martin at Husk Nashville

01.27  /  Oxford, MS – John Currence, Nick Reppond, and John T Edge at Lamar Lounge

01.29  /  New Orleans, LA – Donald Link, Ryan Prewitt, and Stephen Stryjewski at Cochon

02.01  /  Birmingham, AL – Nicholas Pihakis and Drew Robinson at Jim N Nick’s Bar-B-Q

02.04  /  Charleston, SC – Sean Brock will conclude the tour at Husk in Rodney’s home state

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