Savor the Flavor of Museum City in Cartersville  

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Welcome to Cartersville, Georgia, the Museum City where history, science, and art seamlessly weave together to create an experience unlike any other. Nestled in the heart of Bartow County, this charming city beckons visitors to explore its rich tapestry of museums and culinary delights. 

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Start your day off right with a delicious breakfast at Noble and Main, where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air. As you sip your perfectly crafted cup of joe, take a short walk to Nagel’s Bagels. Whether you like your bagel slathered with your go-to spread or stacked up into a hearty sandwich, it’s the ultimate way to start your morning and get ready for the adventures that lie ahead! 

After fueling up, venture to the Booth Western Art Museum, where the rugged beauty of the American West awaits. Lose yourself in the artworks of masters like Frederic Remington and Charles M. Russell, whose paintings take you to an era of cowboys and frontier life. With each brushstroke, you’ll find yourself immersed in the spirit of the West, captivated by its timeless allure. 

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Head to Mule House Pizza for lunch, where artisanal pies are made to order! Serving up classic flavors and house specialties that feature fresh, high-quality ingredients on top of the best crust around and baked to perfection in a wood-fired oven.  

Next, satisfy your appetite for knowledge at the Tellus Science Museum, where a world of discovery awaits. From the depths of space to the Earth’s inner workings, Tellus invites you to embark on a voyage of exploration. Marvel at meteorites that have journeyed across the cosmos unearth ancient fossils that tell stories millions of years in the making, and engage your senses in interactive exhibits that ignite the imagination. 


As the sun sets, indulge in Cartersville’s vibrant food scene at Ate Track Bar and Grill. This casual dining haven is a homage to classic rock, echoing the tunes of the 60s and 70s amidst its eclectic décor. Offering a diverse menu spanning from crisp salads to hearty burgers, each dish celebrates bold flavors and culinary innovation. Or head over to Drowned Valley Brewing Company, where a rotating selection of brews and food trucks ensures there’s always something new to discover. 

After dinner, immerse yourself in the world of automotive history at the Savoy Automobile Museum. Step back in time as you admire a stunning collection of vintage automobiles, each one a testament to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of its era, from sleek classics to rare gems. 

In Cartersville, the lines between past and present blur together in a tapestry of discovery and delight. So come, savor the flavor of Museum City, and let your senses guide you on a journey you soon won’t forget. 

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