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Discover the South through the lens of culinary artisans in The Local Palate’s Southern Night at the Cinema video series. Born out of a desire to experience Southern cities through the eyes of the chefs that call them home, these bite-size stories transport viewers to destinations in Arkansas, North Carolina, and South Carolina. In each city, acclaimed chefs guide us through their favorite restaurants, watering holes, and hidden gems. Watch as they share their stories, connection to their communities, and journeys with food, and above all, teach us about the diverse and vibrant communities that shape the Southern culinary landscape.

From the misty ridges of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the sunny beaches of the Grand Strand, South Carolina provides the perfect backdrop for your next adventure. Follow the backroads to stop into off-the-beaten-path barbecue joints, dine on centuries-old Gullah culinary traditions along the coast, and get a taste of South Carolina’s bounty of locally grown produce at restaurants across the state. Whether you want to stroll along historic main streets lined with mom-and-pop shops or stay in a cosmopolitan hotel surrounded by trendsetting restaurants and bustling nightlife, it’s all right here. Start planning your next vacation at

Wesley Fulmer

Formerly the executive chef of Motor Supply Company Bistro in Columbia, Wesley Fulmer was born and raised in Prosperity, South Carolina. During his time, Fulmer distinguished Motor Supply as a culinary destination all while using a network of sustainable farms throughout the Lowcountry.

Khailing Neoh

Khailing Neoh is a first-generation Chinese American woman, who, like many chefs, has a passion for both food and people. In the 1980s, her grandparents and parents immigrated to Ohio and opened up a variety of restaurants, including Chinese buffets, Asian takeout spots, and American steakhouses. After growing up in restaurants, Neoh felt the industry calling her despite the fact that she graduated from college with a degree in chemical engineering. Today, Neoh is the owner of Sum Bar, Greenville, South Carolina’s first dim sum restaurant and bar, which showcases many of her family’s recipes that have been passed down through the generations along with original menu creations. At Sum Bar, Neoh’s mission is to showcase Asian American cuisine through a unique dining experience.

On the Road


Tucked in the folds of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Greenville has been quietly gaining momentum as a Southern food town worth knowing.

On the Road


In Columbia, old stalwarts dish out gourmet plates while a new guard of eclectic eateries have sprung up in the farthest reaches of the city.

On the Road

Greenville’s Expansive Culinary Scene

We’ve mapped out some of the participating chefs, artisans, and restaurants who continue to make Greenville’s culinary scene shine year round.

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