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Contigo Bloody Mary


6–8 jalapeños, sliced, with minimal seeds Fresh dill, stems removed (about 8 ounces with stems)

Fresh cilantro, stems removed (about 4 ounces with stems)

12 ounces Worchestershire

12 ounces olive brine

12 ounces fresh lemon juice

5 tablespoons horseradish

2 tablespoons ground toasted cumin seed

60 cracks black pepper

5 cans tomato juice

Smoked tomato water*

Texas Kicker hot sauce (or hot sauce of choice) to taste

Alcohol of choice (vodka, mezcal, aquavit, white whiskey, etc.)


  1. Blend first 9 ingredients together in a blender on high for 2 minutes.
  2. Add tomato juice and combine. Add smoked tomato water.
  3. Season to taste with hot sauce.
  4. To make 1 Bloody Mary, mix 1 shot of preferred spirit (1½ ounces) with about 6 ounces of mix, or to taste.

*To make smoked tomato water, you can smoke tomatoes in a smoker or on a grill.

On a grill: Heat a charcoal grill and add preferred type of presoaked wood chips to hot coals. Place 12 cored tomatoes on grill and smoke for 1–2 hours, until slightly brown. Allow to cool. Blend until smooth to make water.