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Deep fried turkey on a platter
Culinary Class

How To Deep Fry a Turkey

TLP walks through how to deep fry a turkey proper (using safety techniques) to quickly produce a beautiful, juicy bird.

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The Basics for Chocolate Babka

The pastry chef of Houston's Bādolina Bakery & Cafe, Michal Michaeli, shows us how to make chocolate babka the Israeli way. Her secret ingredient? Patience.

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Crafting the Perfect Croquembouche

Jackie Joseph, winner of Food Network's 2021 Best Baker in America series, walks us through a formidable baking achievement: the perfect croquembouche.

Sara Key Ingredient adobespark adobespark
Culinary Class

Igniting the Eternal Flame at Hanukkah

"Hanukkah is all about the oil,” says Sara Bradley of Freight House. During the holiday, she veers in new directions, using oil as the dish's essential element.

Pickled watermelon rinds in a jar.
Culinary Class

How to Pickle Watermelon Rinds

Try your hand at pickled watermelon rinds. The peppercorns and ginger provide an explosive new flavor that’s sure to please.

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Culinary Class

Igniting the Eternal Flame at Hanukkah

"Hanukkah is all about the oil,” says Sara Bradley of Freight House. During the [...]

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The Livin’ Is Easy

Charleston chef Kevin Johnson creates a low-stress summer dinner party menu.

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How to Smoke St. Louis-Style Spare Ribs

Nashville pitmaster and cookbook author Pat Martin gives us his no-fail method to smoking St. Louis style spare ribs.

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Deep Dish Pizza Dough Recipe

THE DISH ON DETROIT-STYLE PIZZA What sets Detroit-style pizza apart is not just the square shape, but its thick focaccia-like crust, crispy and chewy, filled all the way to the edges with robust tomato sauce, Wisconsin brick cheese and a slew of toppings. Emily Hyland deviates from [...]

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How to Make Laffa (Israeli Flatbread)

Chef Shai Fargian of YAFO Kitchen in Charlotte walks us through the steps to making laffa, an Israeli flatbread.

Burrata with sliced tomatoes and other vegetables next to it.
Culinary Class

How to Make Burrata

Impress friends and family with cheesy goodness. Quick and easy, this burrata recipe will stand out at any event.

Photograph showing how to fry fish, the flounder is laying on the grill cooking as a man sprinkles salt on top
Culinary Class

Joe Kindred’s Golden Rules for How to Fry Fish

The Local Palate shares some insider tips on how to perfectly fry a flounder to ensure it is left juicy, but still crunchy.