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Alys Beach Crafted

30A's newest festival celebrating "The Stories that Craft Tells"

Photograph of the Firkin Fete event at Alys Beach Crafted event where there is a tent filled with people and kegs tapped all around
Image courtesy of Alys Beach, Florida

Alys Beach Crafted shares the stories of craft beverages, culinary experiences, artistry, and workmanship

Alys Beach Crafted is a weekend long event in Florida where craftspeople and creators from all around the country gather and share their work. Thus, you will learn all about the inspiration, the process, and the meaning of their crafts at Crafted events, including the Maker's Market, Firkin Fête, Spirited Seminars, and the Spirited Soirée.

While learning more about this community, you get to eat and drink like your life depends on it. To make it all the much more enticing, all proceeds will benefit Walton County nonprofit, Food for Thought Outreach. In other words, you will enjoy a great experience while benefitting the community. Crafted was originally inspired by New Orleans' Tales of Cocktails, created from the Firkin Fête in 2019.

Firkin Fête

Firstly, Firkins themselves are eleven gallon kegs that will be specially tapped for this event. Following them being tapped, you will get to taste all the unique firkins of beer created by local breweries and others from all over the county. Not only will you get to sip on some delicious crafted beers, there will also be music and food to pair along. This event will take place on October 21.

Spirited Seminars

This event during the weekend will grant you four different opportunities to learn from different mixologists. All in all, you will learn a lot from these events. The first is called Garden to Glass where in season produce is the focus. Mixologists will teach you different recipes to make the most of fresh ingredients. Secondly, there is Taste Like a Pro. Straightaway, you will learn all the secrets to drinking cocktails and knowing flavor. Whoa! Low and No is another event which trains a host. During this time, you will discover how to personalize cocktails to accommodate everyone. Finally, there is Ford's Gin Seminar where experts will showcase their events directly to you. Furthermore, you will discover why mixologists love to work with Ford's Gin.

Spirited Soirée

On October 22, prepare yourself to sip some especially delicious cocktail, listen to live music, and scarf down savory bites. In similar fashion to the spirited seminars, you will get to learn about drinks and get a buzz in a more lighthearted environment. This weekend will highlight some uniquely crafted cocktails. In addition to cocktails, participants will get to taste spirits neat to truly understand the lessons and flavors taught.

Maker's Market

Fourthly, this event will take place in the Alys Beach amphitheater on October 21 from 3 to 6 p.m. and on October 22 from noon to 4 p.m. This is where you will hear about the stories behind the crafts. Artisans will present directly to participants about the inspiration of their products and the process it takes to create. Moreover, the behind the scenes component of this event will allow you to understand that you are not just drinking a cocktail, but that you are unquestionably drinking someone's story.

  • location:

    9581 E County Highway 30A Alys Beach, Florida, 32461
  • date:

    October 21, 2022 - October 22, 2022
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