Corn Custard Pie

By: The Local Palate
A finished Corn Custard Pie with corn and chives on top resting in the sunlight
Image courtesy of Jillian Andrews

Caitlyn Cox of RT Lodge in Tennessee avoids the term “corn casserole” because, “casserole doesn’t sound as appealing.” She likens this corn custard pie recipe to a quiche, with an egg-based custard filling and lots of caramelized shallots and shredded gruyère for a deep flavor.

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1 pie

    For the pie crust
  • 2¼ cups (4½ sticks) butter, cold
  • 4 cups flour, plus more for dusting
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • ¾ cups ice water

  • yields 2 pie crusts
  • For the pie
  • 1 Traditional Pie Dough crust
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 cup cream
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • ½ teaspoon nutmeg
  • 2 cups roasted corn kernels
  • 2 shallots, roasted and sliced
  • ¼ cup chives, diced
  • 2 cups shredded gruyère cheese

For the Pie Crust

  1. Cube butter; place on plate and keep in freezer while prepping dry ingredients. 
  2. Sift together dry ingredients. In bowl of a food processor, add dry ingredients and butter, and pulse until butter forms pea-sized pieces. Transfer dough to mixing bowl. Use hands to bring dough together, gradually adding ice water until dough turns soft and tacky.
  3. Separate dough into 1-pound blocks and wrap in plastic wrap; chill for at least 30 minutes.
  4. Dust work surface with flour. Working one block at a time, roll out dough and form into pie tin. Store in freezer until ready to use.

For the Pie

  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Line crust with parchment paper and fill with baking beans or pie weights. Bake until it starts to turn golden, about 30 minutes. Let cool for 5 minutes before adding filling.
  2. While crust bakes, whisk together eggs, cream, milk, salt, and nutmeg. Set aside until pie cools. 
  3. Remove baking beans and parchment paper from pie shell and discard. Fill with vegetables and cheese; top with liquid mixture. Return pie to oven and bake until center is set, 25 to 30 minutes. 
  4. Cool pie in refrigerator, preferably overnight, before serving.
  • Recipe By
    Caitlyn Cox of RT Lodge in Maryville, Tennessee

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