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Turkey and the Wolf

A thick-cut bologna sandwich stacked high with potato chips, a coleslaw and collard melt dubbed mind blowing, Turkey and the Wolf reinvents the boundaries of what belongs between sliced bread–a bold claim within a city long revered for its sandwiches. The wildly popular, equally whimsical New Orleans sandwich shop is the brainchild of Mason Hereford, a Charlottesville, Virginia, transplant who threw his hat into the food and beverage ring because he didn’t want to grow up. He demonstrates that exceptional cooking need not be pretentious. In fact, when it comes to cooking, Hereford verges on absurdist. He garners inspiration in everything from a hometown gas station sandwich to Taco Bell. The best hot dog he’s had in Chicago, he says, was from a Home Depot.

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Flavor and Funk from Turkey and the Wolf

Mason Hereford discusses how his respect of flavor and funk inspired him to create his first cookbook, Turkey and the Wolf: Flavor Trippin’ in New Orleans.