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Brandon Carter’s Guide to Savannah  

By: Erin Byers Murray

Brandon Carter of FARM in Bluffton and Common Thread, Wildflower Cafe, and newly opened Strangebird gives us an insider’s guide to eating and drinking in Savannah and beyond.

Brandon Carter Headshot Cameron Wilder
Brandon Carter, Image courtesy of Cameron Wilder

There’s no question that Savannah’s star is on the rise when it comes to all things food and drink. Chef Brandon Carter is part of a new-ish wave of chefs joining the scene—this week he opens Strangebird, a brick-and-mortar version of his food truck, in a restored streamliner in the city’s Victorian District, which joins his restaurants Wildflower Cafe and Common Thread as some of the city’s most exciting places to eat right now.

“There’s a lot of a lot of new energy here,” he says about his home city. “I think the food and beverage community sees that as an opportunity to work together to build something, rather than against us. There are really talented chefs who have been doing this for a while coming to the area and some great chefs who are training the next generation. We’re starting to hit our stride.” For his part, Carter is working to help those around him through his restaurant group’s nonprofit, the Rootstock Community Foundation, which these days is providing programming for events like yoga and outdoor activities meant to be a much-needed outlet for those in the industry.

Here, Brandon Carter shares his guide to eating and drinking in the Hostess City of the South.

Brandon Carter’s Savannah Staples

Strangebird Georgia Shrimp Cocktail Credit SV Images
Strangebird by Brandon Carter Georgia Shrimp Cocktail, Image courtesy of Stephen Vilnit

Forsyth Farmers’ Market
Saturdays from 9 am-1 pm; 13 E. Park Ave., Savannah, GA
This is one of the best farmers markets I’ve ever been to. You’ve got great farmers there doing their thing and we have these amazing ingredients to work with at our fingertips all the time.

Service Brewing Co. 
574 Indian St., Savannah, GA
My spot for delicious beers. We also host Rootstock Community Foundation yoga there once a month. Love that place!

513 E Oglethorpe Ave. H, Savannah, GA
My spot to stop for authentic Szechuan cuisine in Savannah.

Brochu’s Family Tradition 
2400 Bull St., Suite 8, Savannah, GA
A newcomer to the food scene. My favorites are grilled oysters and the chicken sandwich.

Strangebird Cochinita Pibil Tacos Credit SV Images
Strangebird by Brandon Carter Cochinita Pibil Tacos, Image courtesy of Stephen Vilnit

Pizzeria Vittoria Napoletana
2411 De Soto Ave., Savannah, GA
Super classico pizza.

Big Bon Bodega/Big Bon Pizza
2011 Bull St., Savannah, GA
Go there for bagels in the morning and pizza at night. 

Husk Savannah
12 W Oglethorpe Ave., Savannah, GA
I love the Husk burger for brunch.

La Canasta Taqueria y Panaderia
1545 E Montgomery Cross Rd., Savannah, GA
Killer empanadas and posole.

Over Yonder
2424 Abercorn St., Savannah, GA
Perfect for late-night tequila and burgers.

Lone Wolf Lounge
2429 Lincoln St., Savannah, GA
One of my favorite bars. Try the Treating Objects Like Women cocktail. Be careful; they’re dangerous. 

Nom Nom Poke Shop
1821 Bull St., Savannah, GA
Great stop for a light lunch.

Starland Yard
2411 DeSoto Ave., Savannah, GA
When you want to spend the day outside with the whole family, this is the spot. There are food trucks there as well Pizzeria Vittoria, so there’s a little something for everybody.

Strangebird Queso Fundido Credit SV Images
Strangebird by Brandon Carter Queso Fundido, Image courtesy of Stephen Vilnit

The Black Rabbit
1215 Barnard St., Savannah, GA
This is a great neighborhood bar that also serves delicious sandwiches. I get there for lunch, or late night after work.

Thompson Hotel, 201 Port St., Savannah, GA
Beautiful, elevated dining experience. Chef Victoria [Shore] is doing some of the most exciting food in Savannah right now. 

Perc Coffee 
1802 East Broad St., Savannah, GA
This is literally the only place that I go 7 out of 7 days a week. Cool space, coffee is roasted in house, and the team there is awesome!

The Garage at Victory North
2605 Whitaker St., Savannah, GA
Small, high-energy spot serving delicious food and cocktails. 

Shabazz Seafood
502 West Victory Dr., Savannah, GA
Walk-up fried fish joint that has been around forever. Yusuf’s Pie is the pro tip. 

Just outside of Savannah:

La Poblanita Taco Truck
216 May River Rd., Pritchardville, SC
This is a staple for me. They have a cooler with all the toppings. 

Tamale Place
Levy, SC
No idea what the name is, but there’s a big tamale sign out front. The tamales are super abuela-style. 

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While Savannah has long been steeped in history, a new generation of chefs and makers have breathed new life into the city.

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