Embrace the Edi-slo Lifestyle for Your Next Family Vacation

When you just can’t seem to find your family’s pause button on days that move by in a blink, create your own. Edisto Beach, South Carolina, is a welcome respite to unplug from the hustle and bustle of everyday for the effortless family vacation you’ve been after.

A Scenic Start

You begin your vacation on the way into town. After all, getting there is half the fun, right? As street signs become sparse, travel across the National Scenic Byway where sprawling areas of preserved land paved with live oaks usher you over the intracoastal waterway and onto Edisto. While many agree anytime is the best time to visit, consider spending your spring at Edisto Beach to experience cooler temperatures, less-busy crowds, and seasonally inspired events. 

The National Scenic Byway where sprawling areas of preserved land paved with live oaks usher you over the intercoastal waterway and onto Edisto. A big blue sky with white fluffy clouds.

Laid-Back Beaching

Once on the island, Edisto Beach offers a 5-mile landscape that is the focal point for the most laid-back vacation you’ve ever taken. Kids and adults alike will delight in strolling the beach, collecting shells of their fancy. Thousands of acres of preserved and protected land are home to historical spots of significance, maritime forests for hiking or biking, and saltwater creeks for exploring by water, all at your own pace. Discover more about Edisto Beach.

Edisto Beach Experiences to Up the Charm

There is no shortage of ways to experience the unique beauty of Edisto Beach! Taking your mini-me on his or her first fishing trip is one to remember and easy to do with Edisto’s multitude of fishing charters to choose from. Looking for something a little slower-paced on the water? Secure a private tour of dolphin sightings and sunset cruises which can be customized with your tribe in mind. Whether you prefer to experience Edisto by boat, kayak, foot, or bike, there is something for everyone here.

 Three young girls riding a gold cart to Edisto Beach. They are smiling and waving at the photographer.

Great Eats

After a perfectly leisurely day enjoying family and your surroundings, keep it on an easy street for dinner. Edisto Beach’s tasty dining options offer authentically local favorites, including locally sourced seafood and produce. How does house-made smokey pimento cheese and pork rinds sound? Or maybe a taste of Southern tradition with homemade tomato pie? We’re getting hungry just thinking about it!

Experience Effortless Vacationing in Edisto

Whether it’s a barefoot stroll on the sand, a bike ride along the beach, or a seafood boil at your cozy coastal rental home, the Edi-slow lifestyle is calling your name. A vacation in Edisto, South Carolina, is sure to become a family favorite you’ll want to return to again and again.

Start experiencing your perfect EdisSLOW vacation right now!

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