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Five rice dishes to highlight the Southern staple

By: The Local Palate


Ricely Yours

Tapping the Southern staple for five new classics

PumpkinRisottoHERO x

Risotto with Pumpkin, Sage, and Country Ham

You only need four cups of pumpkin for this risotto, so choose a small one or use any hard winter squash like butterkin, butternut, or acorn. Don’t be afraid to cover the risotto from time to time; it helps cook the rice more evenly.

OkraRiceHERO x

Red Rice with Okra

A Lowcountry standby, this tomato and okra pilaf works well with long grain or Carolina Gold rice. For a heartier serving, stir in 1 pound of shrimp tossed in Old Bay seasoning when you add the okra.

WholeFishMiddlinsHERO x

Herb-Roasted Whole Fish with Middlins and Tomato Gravy

A whole roasted snapper always wows dinner guests. When buying a whole fish, plan on one pound per person. Middlins are the broken bits left over from milling rice–they can take on a creamy texture when cooked, ideal for sopping up tomato gravy.

SeafoodPurlooHERO x

Shellfish Purloo

Careful not to over-stir, lest you disrupt the delicious layer of toasty rice that forms at the bottom of the pot.

RicePuddingHERO x

Carolina Gold Rice Pudding with Bourbon Plum Compote

This isn’t your mom’s set-it-and-forget-it rice pudding. Think of it as a sweet risotto (read: lots of stirring). So pour yourself a glass of wine, you’re gonna be here for a while.

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