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10 Leftover Recipes To Clean Out Your Fridge

By: Lena Melentijevic

Do you ever make a meal that turns out so well you want to savor every last bite? With these leftover recipes, you don’t have to. Enjoy renditions of your favorite meals the morning, afternoon, or evening after. Or, if you simply need to clean out your fridge, these recipes will have you longing for leftovers every day.

Our Favorite Ways To Repurpose Leftover Ingredients

cleanout stuffed peppers, one of ten recipes to use leftover ingredients

Fridge Clean Out Stuffed Peppers

Made to be a flexible dish, these stuffed peppers will help you use whatever you have left in your fridge before you go on that long awaited grocery trip. Whether rice, vegetables, or cheese, you’ll have a savory and filling bite served in a bright bell pepper.

Frittata one of ten recipes to use leftover ingredients

Pasta Frittata

You could say everything tastes good in frittata, and this is definitely the case for chef Mei Li’s leftover pasta frittata recipe that turns last night’s pasta into a garlicky bowl of heaven. Perfect for a weekend stay, serve your favorite pasta on Saturday evening, then toss into this frittata with grated parmesan, tender herbs, and simple spices for an ideal Sunday brunch.

Grain stew with sausage and hearty greens

Grain Stew

Known as fridge clean out dishes, stews are an excellent way to use up your leftovers, and are a great option for those trying to eat more whole grains. It’s easy to forget the leftover grains from meals past, but a cup of rice, farro, or quinoa can easily be repurposed. Combine these grains with savory sausage, herbs, and any greens on-hand for a hearty stew that minimizes food waste but maximizes flavor.

Green Herb Sauce

Green Herb Sauce

Chef Mei Li’s green herb sauce is a staple that can be used across multiple dishes and a great way to use up your wilting greens. A bright and tangy addition to fatty meats, tacos, or your morning eggs, its ingredients can include herbs, arugula, kale, spinach or other greens you may have in your kitchen.

breadcrumbs one of ten recipes to use leftover ingredients

Toasted Breadcrumbs

We all love a good loaf of sourdough or a crispy-shelled baguette, their only downside is going stale, sometimes quickly. But, before you throw them out, consider trying out this breadcrumbs recipe and turn your stale bread into a topping that adds texture, crunch, and a subtle herby flavor to any other dish.

fried chicken salad

Fried Chicken Salad

Try it once, and you’ll wish you had leftover chicken in your fridge every day for this leftover fried chicken salad. Its creamy texture mixed with the tang of pickled carrots and celery makes this the perfect salad to slather between two slices of sourdough, or to scoop out with a spoon.

After the Crawfish Boil Potato Salad one of ten recipes to use leftover ingredients

After the Crawfish Boil Potato Salad

A cookout favorite all over the Deep South, a crawfish boil makes heaps of savory goodness but still leaves a remainder. This innovative potato salad will become everyone’s day-after favorite and might just become a main all on its own. This creamy and quick salad can be eaten warm or cold depending on your preferences and can stay in your fridge for up to five days.

Photo by Sara Hanna

Creamed Green Frittata

As we’ve already established, a frittata makes everything simple: simple technique, simple ingredients, and simply good flavor. This creamed green frittata recipe is not only delicious, but will be on your plate in a matter of minutes. Throw together some wilting greens, parmesan cheese, and a dash of hot sauce, and savor the protein-packed comfort dish you’ll return to again and again.

cranberry pie, one of ten recipes to use leftover ingredients

Cranberry Sauce Pie

Although we’re way past Thanksgiving, I bet there’s still a can or two of unopened cranberry sauce in your pantry or fridge. Considering its long shelf life, cranberry sauce is the unexpected hero to step in for a mid-winter dessert craving. With minimal ingredients and hassle, take that long-forgotten can and morph it into a show-stopping pie. Trust us, you’ll start picking up a few extra cans each holiday season.

Plate of rice fritters

Rice Fritters

Not only is “fritterizing” something guaranteed to make it delicious, this recipe is a part of chef Mei Li’s mission to diminish food waste, making this a two for one – a delicious meal with low environmental impact. These leftover rice fritters use up extra rice, a variety of cheeses, and any lonely cooked vegetables in your fridge resulting in flavorful, golden-brown patties that please both kids and adults. 

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